MIDI thru "sync"


Midi thru is labeled sync, however is not sending clock or transport.
I’ve read that it replicates the output of Midi out. If so it should send the same parameters.
Anybody with similar issue?


midi thru replicates the midi out from the master to daisy chain the signal, but you can’t use it as a 2nd out on one device. (I don’t know how to word this, it’s 5.30am and I just woke up) :smile:

example - midi out on master - in on slave 1. - thru on slave 1- in on slave 2.


In other words, midi thru on the AR would send clock and transport only if the AR is the slave?


if it’s the master you’d use midi out. :slight_smile:


Thanks and… Damn. That is limiting.


if you have a lack of thru’s on your other devices get yoself a thru box. I’ve a few of em. gives u more thru’s.


Thank you.


Sync (aka Din Sync) is a completely different (additional but older) music machine protocol to MIDI … it can send clock anda kind of ‘transport’

You’ve misread, misremembered or been misinformed - MIDI thru is strictly only a copy of the physical/DIN plug MIDI In data

Almost every MIDI box works this way to be fair

Yes, this is why it is helpful as per guidelines to search before posting (keeps it tidy), issue discussed a lot, due to the mixing up of terminology, there’s MIDI Clock MIDI Timecode MIDI Song Position Pointer but no MIDI sync afaik - DIN Sync predates MIDI

It’s possibly misleading to be fair, but the manual is clear


MIDI THRU Sync b....?