MIDI THRU Sync b....?


Can someone help me understand the use of Sync b?
At first glance, I was excited that I could send MIDI clock from two ports on my AR. To my deep disappointment, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Am I wrong? (I really hope so).

I am using a Micro Granny and an iPad interface (Griffin Studioconnect) and neither have a MIDI thru jack. I need to test tonight to see if the Griffin will send “thru sync” via the MIDI output.
I also looked at MIDI solutions “thru” boxes, but apparently they need MIDI Power which Elektron boxes don’t seem to supply.

If Sync b doesn’t work the way I hope, is the only way to buy a fancy master clock? I hope not…


Sync A and Sync B are for old(&new)school DinSync devices.
The port can be MIDI as denoted on unit or DinSync for legacy machines
You have one In/Out/Thru and that’s it for Midi - solutions beyond that have been well discussed elsewhere, lots of budget options


Cool, thanks for the quick explanation. I will now venture into the abyss of Elektronauts’ search engine. If I’m never heard of again, tell my family I love them. :slight_smile:


Just use google and the following:
site:elektronauts.com (your search term)
Much easier!


Midi Out and Thru are labeled Sync A and Sync B.
Can someone please verify that Midi Thru can’t send sync and transport?

I am sending sync and transport via Out to a sampler and need Through to send the same: sync and transport to another machine.
I’ve read people saying it requires a midi input?
That seems illogical!
Thank you.


It doesn’t if you know what the ports are meant to do

see the reply to your other post on this here