Midi sequencer for long rec


Hi guys!
I am looking for a friendly midi sequencer for long realtime recording, by playing the keyboard.
(yamaha stuff and roland mc are out of the question)
Preferably made nowadays.


Cirklon can do 64 bar long patterns of which you can record into. And recently the OS has been updated to allow you to chain multiple patterns together, and record into them all as one take.

18-24 month waiting list atm however.


Deluge ?


Any DAW.


Manikin Schrittmacher ^^ or a Squarp Pyramid


I was looking at the Pyramid. I don t know how friendly it is…


I really love Pyramid and it’s capable of long midi record. But I find that editing long midi recording on it is a bit hard. I often loose myself in the bars. I find Cirklon a lot more efficient for that. You’re never lost in the bars.


Squarp Pyramid will do it



I would say it is quite friendly/intuitive. Not much of a learning curve and you can easily record nearly unlimited track length, quantized or unquantized, and edit the result in a pretty well though-out piano roll workflow. Very much DAW-in-a-box, style.