MIDI seq problem?


I am new with Digitone so please forgive me if this is my ignorance.

I tried MIDI sequencing which mostly went fine. But I noticed some strange thing: lets say that on pattern 1 we have note on trig 1 of track 1 but on pattern 2 track 1 is empty. When I change on the fly from pattern 1 to 2, first time when pattern 2 plays I still hear this note. When pattern repeats it’s gone (like it is supposed to be)

Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Let me put it this way. Has anyone met any anomalies or strange behaviour with Digitone’s MIDI seq controlling external gear?

I use my Digitone to sequence external gear quite often and haven’t had any persistent issues like that. Some things I would check as a troubleshoot is : is the OS up to date? And is the note on pattern one micro-timed or quantized (on the grid)? There could be more factors, but idk.