Midi Novation Launch Control XL LCXL + Ableton + Octatrack Fader issues


Hey all,
First off - apologies if this topic has been covered before but after digging the forums for a few days I haven’t seemed to find a solid answer to my current situation.

I am using the Novation Launch Control XL (LCXL) to send midi signals to ableton, captured by a single Ext Instrument, sent out my interface to the Octatrack.

OT is set to channel 11
Audio CC In ON
Audio CC Out INT+EXT
Audio Note In ON
Audio Note Out INT+EXT

I am using Neil Baldwin’s layout for the LCXL
And Ableton is set to Channel 11 for the ext instrument

Works fine.
But now it gets tricky, whenever I am in any User template on LCXL, ALL the faders control whichever track is currently selected in OT or that the LCXL preset is set to. So if I am in user 1 or have track 1 selected, every fader will adjust the volume on ONLY track 1.

Obviously this is an issue and makes the midi controller useless for mixing volume levels across all my tracks on OT, which was the reason I bought the damn thing.

Does anybody have a solve here? (Hopefully it’s a simple one)

Looking for a fix before buying a MIDI host (like bomebox / kenton) cause $$
Or alternatively another MIDI controller (with DIN out) and 8 faders for under $200 - must be some legacy gear out there.

Thank you fellow elektronauts!


I don’t have an Octatrack but I do have a Launch Control XL. I’m not certain, so forgive me if I’m wrong but it looks like the issue may be with the Device button settings within the User template, which from your screenshot is set up as:

Nit: C#3
Ch: 1
Min: 0
Max: 127
Prs: Mm.

The LCXL can do a lot of things, but not all at the same time. You may need to switch from the User template to do Octatrack things, and back to the Factory template to do Ableton Live things. And within both templates the Device button comes into play.

From the Launch Control XL Ableton Live Guide…

If you hold down the Device button you can use the Track Select buttons to step through the Devices within a track. If you hold down the Device button and press bottom row of track buttons you can control additional parameter banks of your selected Device.

As you select what Launch Control XL controls, Live’s status bar (bottom left) will update with the parameters that have been re-focused, e.g “Tracks 3 to 11” or “Send C and D”.

Ableton Live supports multiple MIDI controllers, so another option would be to use two LCXL’s… one using a User template for the Octatrack and the other using a Factory template for Ableton Live.


Thanks bradleyallen, I’ll give it a shot when I get home. Hopefully that fixes my issue!

With the Octatrack there’s a midi catch on channel 11, so in theory the faders as they are currently set to the midi channel of each OT track (1-8) would correspond together. Other people seem to be able to do this fine with a midi host, tho I must be doing something wrong either with the controller, ableton, or OT settings.

Either way thanks!
I’ll give an update later