MIDI Notes hanging and Digitone crashing in Logic X


I’m having problems with MIDI notes on my Juno 106 hanging and he Digitone crashing. I seem to have tried every possible setup in both Logic and the Digitone but no luck. So, I have the MIDI in/out connected to the Juno 106, everything plays just fine. I can trigger notes from from either the Juno or Digitone, in the Digitone I have the setup as USB/MIDI, not using Overbridge. I create a new track using Logic’s MIDI External Plugin and everything good so far, Juno set to channel 16, also correct in Logic, hit record and play a 2 bar loop on the Juno and it records the MIDI notes and Audio just fine, then hit play and everything goes mad, the Juno hangs and Digitone freezes. Any ideas?


It sounds like you have a MIDI feedback loop between the Juno and the Digitone. On playback, try switching the MIDI settings on the digitone so that 1) input comes only from USB and 2) output only goes through the MIDI ports

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Thanks, I thought it was loop problem so will try that


Tried ways and it’s the same, just hangs. I’m sure it’s Logic X which is an old version due to hardware restictions, it seems to have no problem with Ableton. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.