Midi Issues

Is anyone else having midi issues? Im syncing the Digitakt to a TT-303 and every once in a while it freezes and I have to restart. A high pitch noise comes out of it as well


High pitch acid.

WICKED :rofl:

What is master sync ?
What are your sync settings ?

I suppose that’s the DT who freezes but it’s not clear.

Same here.
As slave or as master.
Through USB or through MIDI cable.
I tried different devices (Volca FM, JX03, A4, AR).

Twice I got a freeze but the pattern kept being played.
Most of the time I have a full volume noise with the freeze.
A few times just a mute freeze.


Sounds like the first bug report…


i hope you wrote this to the support and not just here

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Hmm. Out of interest how much of your work was lost when you restarted? Did the DT keep a copy of its workings on the fly or did you have to go back to your last save?

i’m also running into this only when the DT is being slaved by din midi. the machine completely freezes and needs to be power cycled.

I learned to Function+Yes a lot :smiley:
Also mandatory before Ctrl-Al things :smile:

does that mean the machine doesn’t autosave it’s current state when you power it down?
Opposing to all other Elektron-Machines?

I think you have to save once.
But I might have done something wrong as well.
First times + beers :smile:


I don’t have one but looking at the manual it seems that it autosaves, but you would want to save a pattern or kit before doing ctr-all if you want to revert because after your done that would be the new autosaved data…


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Idk how the save works. It seems to autosave some of my patterns, but others it wouldn’t. And when I’d try to save it would notify me that it was locked. I just downloaded the manual, the QuickStart that comes with it doesn’t mention how to save or anything oddly enough. Maybe that is also the source of my midi issues.

Here’s the first thing I did with it. I like the little machine, it’s really cool


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If you want to mess with the preset project and want to re save it, you should first do “save as” under the project menu and save it as something else. The presets project is write protected by default, it can be toggled off but you might want to keep it as is.
When switching between projects you want to save first if you want to keep the changes, otherwise the active state of the machine will be wiped…
Don’t know about not autosaving unless you switched projects and switched back without saving first, from the manual it seems it will autosave up until you switch projects, but not sure…
In general think of saving as a restore point, for example the pattern should be autosaved without ever saving it, but you would want to save it when you like it so you can mess with it more and be able to reload it…

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Ooo ok. Thanks for that info. I was just deleting the patterns in the preset lol


I have the same issue (with freeze and high pitch sound), when the unit receives midi clock and transport information from my DAW. It happen very frequently when playing in sync with the DAW. (after a couple of minutes). I just gave up after the 3rd time in 30 minutes. After rebooting it loses some of the information from the pattern that was playing. The last time it lost all the data in the pattern. (while the 2 times before it still had parts of the data)

Yep, It freezes / locks up. Midi settings are unresponsive. Sent a message to Elektron, 2 weeks ago and no response. Sent the unit back. Hope they can get things fixed, it has potential.