Midi issues using my synth into digitakt


I have managed to sequence midi out into my synth, but are having issues the other way around

when i try to play notes from my roland synth into the digitakt midi tracks it produces a ‘double note’ ie i hear the synth note but also a drum sample from the digitakt (from the sample directly above the midi digitakt key)… why is this> can anyone please fix, thanks

Also, with both the midi in and midi out cables plugged into the synth the digitakt freezes… but is fine if i remove one of the midi cables…?

can anyone help



one thing to explore - to sequence a controller/sound synth via a daw/recorder/etc you need to Enable Local Control Off on the sounding synth (if it has it) - this means that the synth only responds to the returning MIDI and not directly to the key input - try that and see how your other issues play out, ensure you don’t have both trying to be master midi clock etc

Another source for double notes might be your DT responding on your Midi in a different way as you intend it to.
To send Midi from your DT to your Synth you set the Midi Channel on the SRC Page of the Track. The configuration what Midi channel is recieved is configured in the Midi Settings. There is, besides the separate Tracks also a setting for Auto Channel. This one is always sending to the Track you currently have active, so if it fits your Keyboard, you might trigger 2 different Tracks inside your DT.

But at the end, your freezing sounds as if both devices sending Midi Notes in circles and maybe overloading the DT with data.