Midi From OT -> Ableton -> A4

Hello, I usually send MIDI directly from my OT to my A4, and route the audio back into the OT. Now however, because I want to use an outboard compressor, my best idea was to do the routing with Main Audio and Cue (studio mode) going to Ableton (via my focusrite), and use OB to get audio from A4. But the midi messages from OT direct to A4 are ignored with OB, unless I turn off sync. If I DO turn off sync, then the midi messages seem to be appearing out of sync by a noticeable amount of ms. (That is talked about in the OB manual here:
When sequencer sync is enabled on an Overbridge plugin, the device does not accept any
other sync signals. That means MIDI sync and USB-MIDI sync is ignored. If sequencer sync
is disabled, however, you are allowed to synchronize the device with both internal clock or
MIDI/USB-MIDI. Note, however, that the latency compensation may cause the sequencer
to run out-of-sync if the Overbridge sequencer sync is not used.)

Is there a way to take in midi from OT, don’t do anything to it, and send it out via OVerbridge to the A4?


Going the other way round, sending clock and transport via A4 from OB to OT would be a possibility which works well.

But you need OT as master?