Midi Controller for Digitakt to help better live play

I am looking for a midi controller that would compliment the Digitakt.
My thought pattern is I would love to play live like a DJ setup; 2x Digitakts and a MIDI controller in the middle. My intention is to have something that will mute and in mute tracks easy and also change the volumes. Other benifits maybe filter and delay/reverb control on each track.
I was looking at encoders as with volume controls if not motor they stay at the same position even if you change pattern.
Love to hear your thoughts

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Look at FaderFox, they are really well built.

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The problem with external controls is: how to keep the external controller in sync with the internal settings when you switch patterns.

No Elektron machine supports relative CCs. So each CC sent is an absolute value.

As far as I know the Digitakt has no “send all CCs” request like the OT. So the external controller cannot query the settings after the pattern got changed. It still thinks that for example track 1 volume is at 60 while internally the track volume has changed to 100 (which results in a jump when you move the external control).

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check this out.

I’ll get mine in february and will post details.


I think the guy who made the digi touch companion app figured out some way to receive the midi state but you need to also use a computer as a middle man as well as the digi touch app to get it to work. I haven’t tried it so I am not completely sure. The elk herd web app also seems to be able to reach in and pull all the different pattern data out but I guess you would need to do something to process that info and interpolate the midi ccs out of it if you were to using it with some encoders. But yea I think a PC is needed to really properly get some faders working how one would want with out saving a different midi snapshot per pattern.

*I re read over the digitouch thread and it seems maybe he was just hopeful for a feature on overbrige that might help with the problem, so maybe it can’t. Still seems like with some of the stuff happening in the web app by @mzero there must be some sort of way to extract that info.

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Would this matter if you had encoders?

What do you control with that?

My solution for a 2 box style set up was to get a DJ mixer… while it doesn’t give you easy access to volumes on all tracks having an EQ that can fully cut or boost your lows, mids or highs does give you some added flexibility some have added filters per channel as well and in some ways would free up your mind a bit from the 16 encoders you would be working just for volume with 2x digitakts. Added bonus is if you get one with aux sends you can potentially add in some nice external fx as your master fx. Maybe not really the solution your are looking for though I have seen a few people around here enjoying the Xone 96 mixers with some mid sized set ups but maybe you would be after something smaller if you want to stick to 2x digitakt.

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well, everything :wink:
not having it yet, it is to be shipped in febrauary.
totally free configurable, so should defo be possible to get the messages for the digi.

Should be cool for omnisphere and the blackbox too, what the price point? cant find it anywhere.

and does it have pots like in this vid or ercoders?

Pots are definitely worst, but encoders won’t help either when there is no possibility to query the actual value before sending new ones.

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Someone told me that this is not possible, but who knows: is there any way to use the OT with a controller with motorized faders?

This depends on the controller. At least the OT supports a CC values request. At any time you can send this request (say by pressing a button on the controller) to the OT and the OT sends back all its CCs with its values. An intelligent controller can then reconfigure itself according to the received values.

For example the controllers from faderfox can do this. When using an EC4 or a similiar controller with encoders all you have to do after a pattern change is to press a single button on the controller (configured to send the CC values request) and all encoders updates themselves to the correct values afterwards. This is as simple as it can get regarding external controls for the OT.

Sorrily none of the other (actual) Elektron machines support the CC values request. That’s a real pity.


My first option would be the Behringer X-Touch, how can I now if that would work?

I would check the manual to find out if the configured CCs can re-configure their values when they receive them (instead of sending them).


Man, Behringer is one of the worst companies when it comes down to documentations. It seems there is just a quick guide available (without any detailed infos)… :frowning:

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That’s a good looking mixer.
After reading what you said, that seems to resonate. Sounds like it would be true.
I would be so busy with all 16 encoders to enjoy the experience.
You are right in such the mixer will do the major of the jobs with a aux would be good.
What external fx would you recommend?

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I’m still sort of deciding that myself with my current set up but I really like the look of the Zen Delay from erica synths. Stereo in and has an analog filter along with a tube overdrive. Seems like it covers a lot of bases for a master effect.

this is the main reason for me switching to an octatrack right now, the parameter jumps on digitakt made it unpossible to use it with a midi controller (what is verry important to me). are there appart from faderfox other the controllers support midi request? cant find any info about it on the midi fighter twister for example

Sorrily the faderfox controllers are the only ones I know about it which implement this very important feature (encoders with value feedback).

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a midi pickup mode could be another good step towards a good midi compatibility with external controllers. for ex. the digitakt would only react if the midi value of the midi controller matches its internal value… the most modern synths are able to work this way when loading presets… hopefully elektron will add this functionality in the future