MIDI config help

Hey gang
i’ve posted a bigger thread about this in the FB group, but i have a simpler question here. the midi settings are quite difficult for me on the M:S for some reason. my needs are simple. I want the M:S to receive clock/tempo from a Novation SL mkiii and i want to send the tempo through to a tt303. I don’t need to control notes, just clock.
I already have:
clock in - ON
clock out - ON
PCH - i/o both off
OUT/Thru - OUT (should this be thru?)

Basically I want to click Play on the Novation and the M:S and 303 both play their internal sequences. That’s all :slight_smile:

Yes, clock from Novation via THRU of M:S to TT303.

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okay got that working!

but now a new challenge.
Now I have this setup:

Novation > M:S > Korg Monologue > tt303

Everything is running clock/sync/tempo. I have Monologue on Midi Channel 3. It’s getting clock just fine, but I can’t use the M:S thru to play actual notes on the Monologue. HMMM

I have a hard time with these MIDI puzzles!

update: a friend suggested i set anything after the M:S in the chain to a midi channel higher than M:S highest channel. maybe that?

You have to go to the track menu that corresponds to the channel you have selected and check MOUT to get the MS to trigger external gear.


got it all working now :slight_smile:
took some fiddling around but i got there. Thanks all!