Midi Clock Problems


Hey guys! hope you can help me :slight_smile: i just got a digitone a few days ago, and have been having a great time!
now i feel that i have learned enough about the machine and the workflow to use it in my productions in my DAW, first i read on the box and in the manual about the overbridge software but i realized that my automation and 4 track recordings would have to wait until the program is updated :frowning:
BUT i can live with 1 track recording for now and no automation.

so i plugged in a midi-cable from the midi-out on my usb sound card into the midi-in on the digitone and turned on master sync, but i cant get it to sync the clock correctly , the bpm fluctuates about ±5 from my DAWs bpm and the sounds get pitched, almost like an lfo.
i have also tried usb cable instead of midi with the same result.
Any help?

ps. as for DAW im using FL studio 20


Try DT as clock source to DAW. It has the more stable clock.


Sadly not possible with fl studio as far as i know >:(


Then check the midi options of FL if you adjust sth there.
Not familiar with it.