MFB Synth Pro

Has there been any other word of mouth info on the Synth 8? It sounds excellent in the demos but there’s only 2 videos online… I’ve wanted an MFB synth for so long, I love the sound they produce and this is just what I needed plus the price point is supposedly going to be excellent.

Would love to hear when it might be released…


In the first vid he states “hoping this year”, but then again, envelopes and LFOs aren’t working yet, effects architecture still not clear, “only” four voices by now, … Doesn’t seem to be working out as summer months are already here.

I really do like the MFB-Boxes (Tanzbär was my first ever hardware drum machine), but they don’t seem to try to meet a time schedule that was developed up front, but rather seem to work along the way and it’s ready when it’s ready. That’s not meant in a bad sense, but that’s just the feeling I get when waiting for MFB-Boxes :slight_smile:

It’s a pity that imho they are a bit late with this one, but who knows. Most of their synth and drum boxes are well sought after these days and in general, they do deliver some quite unique gear, the dominion 1 is one hell of a synth.

They should hire somebody for workflow improvements though :slight_smile:


The Dominion 1 was the only mono-synth that’s ever really spoken to me in its demos until the Matriarch demos started to come. I absolutely loved but, but I live in the US and did read it had a few problems and didn’t want to deal with shipping internationally for any type of repairs… But! With a non-keyboard synth I’m going to take that chance.

Can’t see this coming in at €1000 but the spec sounds fantastic.

Ready when it’s ready… Elektron should listen.

Can’t wait for this thing and hopefully someone is willing to trade a Tanzbär 2 for my Rytm mk1 and my Elektron to MFB convert is perfect.

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I can’t wait for it. MFB is the only synth company I’ve lusted after. Those Dominon 1s are as sweet as hearing the OB-6 with its own character. I don’t usually use too much polysynth stuff so the price point is excellent as well. I bet it’ll be under $1,100, I could see it at €980 I doubt they’d make that claim if they didn’t have a good idea even with the demo model being incomplete.

The filter sounded excellent in what we got to hear… just what I want… luckily I don’t have much GAS for anything currently out. Only interested in the Matriarch, Super 6 and Synth 8…


If you want a Dom1 without a kb, they made basically that with eh Dominion X

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Dominion 1 is just awesome.

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But, a Dominion 1 is €1390. Eight times as many VCOs for €400 less? I don’t see how that works.

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See :
OB-6 - 2 osc/voice = 12 osc vs Rev 2 - 2 osc/voice + sub osc = 48 osc

Sub 37 - 2 osc vs DeepMind 12 - 2 osc/voice = 24 osc

DSI Pro 2 - 4 osc + sub osc vs Novation Peak - 3 osc / voice = 24 osc

It’s like comparing any trade skill/handcrafted item of value to a mass produced one, there should be no confusion. Dominion 1 has patch points, a keyboard, more modulation options, and its single voice will always sound better and beefier than any of the 8 voices of the Synth 8 (played one at a time) and very likely even stacked in unison.

A Moog Sub Phatty (single voice) costs more than a DeepMind 12 (12 voices). Why is that? Both are VCO.

Edit: Most of these have 2 or 3 DCO or VCO oscillators/voice, but I forget about the Sub Phatty even though I owned one, want to say 2 + sub osc. I should’ve clarified the main purpose of this post being DCO / VCO is becoming narrower and narrower, I’d imagine Peak’s FPGA tech will translate to the controls soon.

Doesn’t matter if they’re DCO or VCO. Pick the highest possible cutoff on the Rev 2 and OB-6 and the OB-6’s sound will blow it away. Stepping is irrelevant to the sound of the oscillator. The Synth 8 is not going to sound as good mono as the Dom 1, they’re going to be worse/cheaper oscillators, otherwise he wouldn’t have said that price.


Not sure what the point is you’re making by comparing Moog prices to Behringer?

The Synth 8 and Dominion 1 are made by the same company and have a lot of the same features. The D1 is paraphonic, three oscillators in total, and while the filter is very trick it’s still essentially just a single filter. The Synth 8 has 24 VCOs and 16 VCFs. It doesn’t have a keyboard, but it’ll have a stereo FX section. So I dunno, I don’t see why this 8 voice synth with the features it has (dual filters, loopable envelopes, FX, etc) can be so much cheaper than the D1. It doesn’t look that much poorer in terms of spec. Even compared to the Dominion Club, it’s less than twice the price for an awful lot more componentry and better spec per voice.

We’ll see what they come out with I guess, certainly not calling the guy a liar but I’d expect the price to creep up a bit, unless Behringer are making it under license. :wink:

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As far as I understand, this synth is the poly version of MFB’s Synth 2 and not the Dom1.

Anyway, my Dominion 1 is eagerly waiting for a Drumachine brother and a poly sister.

Yea I never said that they were related in any way in this thread.

@Birth_Chord You literally compared Moog to Behringer, along with a bunch of other weird assumptions.

@Squadron Where’d you hear it was a poly version of the Synth 2? I’m into that. I had the synth 2 years ago and it was a badass sounding lil 3osc tuffy, albeit very cheap build.

Not weird, you just don’t seem to understand the example or what it was rebuking.

Each example represents that less oscillators can cost more because they’re higher quality oscillators.

Super simple. Not comparison in quality or sound, specifically the oscillator amount and price, which is why I listed that.

The dominion sports a fatar keybed. That’s not cheap either. The housing is way bigger. Wooden cheeks… I mean that won’t be the world but it has to be made by them. Not sure if the Ring modulators on the synth8 are all analog, but on the Dom 1 you have an analog RM and 2 digital. Might cost more as well. The incredible multimode filter, touch strips…

The layout is more complex as well. The synth 8 layout design is very simple because of how symmetric it is. That probably cuts costs on the PCB design.


first thought: “maybe they’re just dumping cool audio chips into it to get the price down…?”

but the GearNews writeup says: “For a thick vintage sound, the VCOs use analog circuitry and components that resemble circuit designs of the 1970s.”

so I’m confused… and interested…


The thing with the €1000 claim is that Behringer, with their own manufacturing facilities, owning the chip manufacturer, economies of scale, etc etc, are the only ones who can market an 8+ voice analogue poly for less than that, with any type of analogue oscillators and VCFs, let alone three oscillator per voice and dual filter, fx, etc. That’s why I can’t see it from a small manufacturer like MFB.

Would be amazing though!

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At first I thought they were DCO because the display is nearly identical to the Peak’s.

I’m super excited for this synth I have faith in them to deliver so I can finally justify getting myself an MFB in the US.

Now you’ve totally lost me…

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