Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)


thats a good $100-200 gift!


I got mine from my wife too! Birthday present :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


All the stuff i need to build me a RE-303.


I may need to trade wives with someone once my birthday rolls around


Is see, thank you for the reply. I’ll check out the cuckoo series.


An Audio-IN module (OP Z is supporting modules, not ready yet and only 1 announced for now = midi and cv connections) would mean sampling capabilities. If that happens, it will stay for sure until RIP.

Cuckoo’s series, very relaxed and enjoyable. Personally not into in his sound, but that is not an issue at all. Excellent job, always.



2 bags of groceries because my mum & sister know im not the festive type.


They look great! Let me know how they sound


Hope I don’t spot these on the trade section in a couple of months


if the MkII come out I might just have to upgrade.


Well folks, If i’ve learned anything tonight it’s that I need to get myself a loving wife :rofl: :rofl: = more toys


No real advantages. They’ll just be an uglier color :slight_smile:


My wife loves shoes though and furniture … :balance_scale: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Received it unexpectedly soon, to me from me, won’t lie!


OPZ seems like a hit, is it less complicated than it seems?


For these holidays I am pleased with the swap I got… rocking (mainly getting my head around) two OT’s this Yule time. Another early present was the Lexicon MX400XL.

Also got presents from England on the way to my place. The most recent update says it was given to the delivery driver.

Photos soon on there way…
Here’s the two OT’s for now…


I guess its a little more complicated than I thought it’d be, but it’s one of the easiest devices I’ve used as far as just getting all the sounds to sit nicely in the mix together.


I got armkii however couldnt wait and opened it 6 weeks ago…so nothing to open today…:joy:


Got the newest M.E.S.H. and Sophie albums. Both came with massive posters.