Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)


Merry Christmas all! My Christmas present was my Octatrack (early gift from me to me).



Despite being in a household with 2 Nintendo Switch’s and 2 PS4s, my missus treated me to an Xbox this year and what looks like the sort of toothbrush RoboCop would use! No music stuff this year but I’m a happy chappy this morning.

She’s also a happy gal though as I finally got her that engagement ring she’s been wanting. Only took me about a decade or so…

Merry Christmas all!


Ahhh the nostalgia!!!


I got no gifts from relatives this year, which is a relief. I treated myself with an ESI U168XT. It’s awesome, and it’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you Santa.


We don’t do gifts for adults in my family which is awesome. I’m going to order myself a DFAM though.


Got my replacement(loose screw in first unit) RYTM Mkii just in time, Thanks Elektron she’s a beauty!


Merry Christmas!

I rarely get anything from Santa but that’s not the point. The kids seem pretty damn happy that the big red guy came, and I got to do some ‘proper dad stuff’ - putting batteries in things, putting a bike together! - which is a bit of a first given our family setup.

Two kids chuckling, I’ve got a coffee in my hand and time to read a few pages of a book, and dinner is on the make. It’s a good day.

(I might treat myself to a Dark World reverb in January… :joy:)


got a phone


I ordered the SE-02 EXT Box and wood sides when I was visiting my parents in the States back in October, but SE didn’t ship in time for me to bring them back to Japan. My mom sent them over to me though and they arrived on Christmas Day, so a gift from my past self (and mom).



I tend to buy one toy each year and it happened to be in December this year. Already owning enough noise gear, I opted for a DJI Spark this year. :slight_smile:


from myself with love (to music) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


damn, merry Chrtsmas to you!


congrats to you too!!!


Merry Christmas fellow nauts. I love you all. Have a safe holiday and tweak away.


Got a drill. And sold some crap and bought myself a squarp pyramid. :slight_smile: oh, and the timeline card game. That’s great. :slight_smile:


I Made to myself a Gift, freeing myself from posession and sold SH01A and Prophet 6. My wife aka Santa Claus gave me a foldable Hometrainer. Ah…marriage! :relaxed:




Got myself a Digitone, haven’t had much time to play with it, but so far it is so much fun.