Merlin's OT Guide?

Sorry to ask a question that has been asked many times before, but the search function on this forum is completely useless.

Where can I find merlons guide? I just got an OT and would love some advice on not only the ‘how’ but also ‘why’. Know what I mean? The manual is obtuse at best

Or just google “merlin octatrack”. First result :slight_smile:

Google, of course! Thank you kind sir.

The manual is not bad at all. Critical to have the physical copy of it, it’s well laid out.

I managed 6 hours yesterday which takes my OT flying hours to still <10. Made some really solid progress on grid recording and p-locks, a bit on LFOs and data housekeeping. Thought I had scenes nailed but turns out i don’t quite get it 100% yet. Although I got some cool cross fade results using retrig

Still a bit unclear on the structure and hierarchy. Feels like I need to draw something to help my understanding.

This thing just spits out ideas. Great for drones, great for beats, samples. I hear that it has ‘a sound’. So do all my other hardware devices. I hear some crackles and distortion on cross fades especially when morphing some filter parameters hard. Again typical for overdriven filters in all samplers and no surprise.

The box build and design is amazing. No comparison coming from Yamaha rm1x. Easy, positive feel to keys/buttons and haptic feedback, perfect for performance.

Any requests? I’d love to see midi delay feature as per rm1x, an easy and beautiful way to get into controlled chaos with external gear.