Merge or overdub on current track?

Is it possible to have note input in Live record mode added on top of the note trigs that are already there? Over dubbing essentially?

At the moment if I record something over top of a trig it will replace that trig with the new input instead of adding the input to trig. Is this possible? I feel like I’m overlooking some painfully simple.

This is all using the trig keys on the DN. No external keyboard.

Yo, did you find a solution ?
I’m stuck on the same problem.

Negative. Maybe it’s a future added feature.

Any solution yet?

Still nothing … zzz.

I would also be interested in a solution / workaround to this. The only thing I could think of is to receive midi into the digitone by inputting it via an external midi source, after you’ve already recorded notes into digitones sequencer. This way you could have two levels of melodies on the same track that don’t mess up eachother’s step, so would come close to overdubbing.

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It would be great to get a fix for this. The DN sequencer is great and would fit well in my compact setup to sequence my Miniglogue and TR8. However, the lack of overdubbing capabilities make sequencing the TR8 in any intuitive manner nearly impossible

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