Menu rise and fall loopage

Forgive me if I’m not setting the challenge correctly. I’ve just discovered this thread and love the idea.

If you have ever played computer games which have a menu/ setup screen, you may have noticed that they often have some kind of looping score that plays in the background before you enter the main game. The same occurs with DVD menus - but what’s a DVD, right?
The idea is to create your own looping track.


  • must have some kind of crescendo from beginning to end (tempo, pitch, harmony etc),

  • time limit of 60 seconds,

  • must to loop seamlessly (the resulting rendered audio should be playable on a loop),

  • no more than 4 separate tracks (drums counted as one),

  • please explain the tracks/ instruments used,

  • at least one Elektron,

  • describe the game/ DVD/ menu for which the loop was created - real or imagined.

  • prize - TBC, but probably a field recording I made when in Brazil years ago.

  • CLOSING DATE - April 1st 2019

NB. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes as I see that new challenges are supposed to be submitted by the ‘base’, but the closing date for the previous one was the 8th of August.

PS. This has been updated to reflect increased interest in the challenge - a new deadline has been set. Huzzah!


I’m up for this! Pause Menu music is one of my favourite genres. Is there a deadline?

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Hadn’t really thought about that. I guess I’ll make it a month - before the end of September 2018 (the other challenges seem to be more or less monthly).
I’ll update the main post, cheers. And good luck!


Sorry man this topic fell off the main page and I fully forgot about it. Still game to revive it, maybe after the Halloween challenge if you put it back up? It’s a good and fun challenge idea that’s worth exploring.

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I’m down too :sunglasses:

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No worries.
I’ll fall in line with the Firestarter challenge - just have to get hold of the film :wink:

Just to remind all - this is now the current challenge; with an updated CLOSING DATE - April 1st 2019.


I’m in.


I’d like to. I can’t promise, busy busy!

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Means unlimited tracks for drums?
What about FX? Do they count as a track if I use an OT track as fx?

Is the finished track a single loop, or several, to hear if it’s seamless…?
@mightlife : Edited

I’ll get in on this @mightlife. Thanks for putting it together.

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Not quite, although I possibly hadn’t thought it through enough when first posting. How about this - whatever sounds you want, but must be on the same track, so the Trig sound lock trick would be okay.
My reasoning here was not to make a drum heavy sound, more along the lines of a background, mood inducing ambience, but it doesn’t really matter.


Yes. The resulting rendered audio should be playable on a loop, similar to that on a DVD/ game menu screen as suggested in the OP (although I’ll update it for clarification).

You’re very welcome. We look forward to your loopings.

And you can bet there’ll be a nice Google Form to fill in at the end! Yea baby!

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Yes but to listen other’s loops, it is not always easy to listen a looped loop. I can’t on my smarphone, computers players don’t loop perfectly, I’d need to open my DAW. So what about both (single and several)?

Not sure I understand your reasoning here.

I way I would approach it is the following:

  • Compose the musical parts, ensuring that they play on a loop - in my case it would be easy as I would primarily use Elektron machines, which by the virtue of being sequencers, loop continuously.

  • Let the machines play,

  • Record their noises, making sure to capture about 3-5 minutes worth of the results (depending on the length of the initial idea).

  • Upload to hosting service,

  • link/ embed on this thread,

  • Profit.

Sorry if I’ve not been clear, but just think of the final product as a long drum loop that must be played a least a couple of times in succession to be fully appreciated (along with the explanations, of course).

Yes but if I want to listen other’s creations looped I need my DAW. This is annoying, I barely use my computer. I’d like to be able to listen other’s loops without it. Hence to export 1 loop, AND something everyone can listen without looping the shorter loop. If the player doesn’t loop perfectly, it is crap.

Not so:

Assuming everyone submits about 3 mins worth of content and uploads it, we should be golden and be able to listen to the final product looped a couple of times (while reading the descriptions) to get a feel of where it’s coming from.
I don’t envisage the playing of the final content to be any different from other content submitted to the site.

If you need to use your computer to record your music, that’s fine, if not, that’s also fine, I’m not familiar with anyone’s workflow in particular - I use Audacity to record from my soundcard that is plugged into my PC, although I guess you could sidestep the computer altogether and record directly to a Zoom/ Tascam or whatever and then export the required file to your phone for uploading to your music hosting service of choice.

Sorry for any misunderstanding. Hope this helps.

This challenge is now closed.

Who would like to suggest a new one?