MegaCommand // MCL 4.51

Hi guys;

just fyi - i have made a huge bunch of MCL during the last few years but due to personal health reasons i am now definitely shutting down operations.
Those that i already have approved and in progress and started work on will be finished but unless i say yes in a personal message, i will not take on any more jobs. Instead, turn to the other experienced builders out there, like @JustinValer or any other skilled guys/gals. There are a lot, i know!

Thanks everyone for the good times discussing and enjoying these wonderful devices. :slight_smile: Peace! / mbang (Marcus)


@mbang sad to read this, hope you get better soon.
I really appreciate your MCL, thx again.
If you could share your recipies to get to the final thing I would definitely build one for a friend of mine…


Thanks, appreciate the kind words! :heart:
Tbh i dont have a recipe; it’s just to follow the instructions; start with populating the PCB with smaller components, then work upwards.
Also, the screen does not need all connections soldered - if i remember correct only 7 is necessary… :slight_smile: if you want i can check which ones. Pm if you want to know!


I was mostly thinking about BOM and assembling instructions…

But I found this:

Would you have additional recommendations?

Hmm, well, not off the top of my head! But just follow the instructions to the letter and you will be ok, im sure.
Dont rush through them; take your time.
Good luck!

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Hi @Almost

answering your recent question from the X thread here as it’s mcl related rather than X, so best to keep them separate for clarity.

it’s a fair question as it is a bit different to extended mode saving/loading pattern/kit in the enhanced mode.

2 options: copy and paste the current grid row on a blank row and clear the sequence data.
however this only copies MD related things so some grid Y aux and other stuff isn’t included.

My preferred method is (in grid page) to load the row you want to copy, then move the grid cursor to a blank row and FUNC+YES (select all aux data and YES again) to save the currently loaded row in memory from grid X & Y to that blank row.
This will include all of grid X and Y data.
You can then clear all the sequence data (func+clear outside of step edit) as required and work with the identical kit/row’s machines and tempo/fx settings/mcl perf, routing, lfo features etc. (remember to save again!)

Thanks for the answer Waltford. I guess the challenge I’ve had is if Iwork on the A section, and then on B section, and I want changes I made in the Kit of B to somehow copied to the kit of A section. Is there a way to do that? otherwise, you really need to have the kit done and not touched by the time you move to part B.

working directly with the md side only you could save the kit from B and reload it onto the A row and save row again on mcl.
this way it should change the machine settings only… let me know how this goes, on paper it should work…

That’s a great idea!! will give it a go tonight. thanks! (it was driving me crazy - had the compressor settings on one pattern not exactly match, not all volumes were the same, impossible to mix etc)

Ok! when it comes to the MDFX changes between rows, the most straightforward way is to copy and paste the individual FX slot from grid Y from the “master” row to the other rows you want mirrored.

Workaround seems to work! (save kit, load it on other patterns. Strangely the KIT name doesn’t seem to update on the “loaded” kit pattern, but that doesn’t really matter. Thanks again!

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I have a MC for some time now, but I still have trouble getting my head around it. I feel quite stupid using it a lot of times.

Last night I was revising an old project with a few complex MD patterns. Now what is the best way to proceed from existing patterns? If I peer with the MC everything works, but I can’t get into the trigs anymore and the trigs aren’t in the MC either. I know more or less how to work with the MC on a blank pattern, but what would you advise me to do for building onto an existing MD pattern? Would love to use the conditions and all the other cool stuff…

Thanks a lot for helping me out here

when peered with MCL you’re in enhanced mode, and MD patterns aren’t accessible. they will play underneath if they are loaded in extended mode but aren’t editable.

in fact you really want to ensure that a blank pattern is loaded in extended mode so there is no overlap.

in regards to what you’re asking use MCLs import feature to import your MD patterns into an MCL project and then work on them from there with all the enhanced features.

In mcl find this global page:


That’s great, thank you! Where does this screenshot comes from? I only read about import on the release notes, but didn’t think of this myself.

Thanks again!!

EDIT: I found the updated manual on this forum. Thanks again for your help!

Hi all - anyone still building the MCL? Thank you! Rich

+1 Also need a megacommand. had the chance and didnt use it cause i was broke now i regret!

Heya - I was wondering if it is possible for the MCL to pass through swing when say the MCL is set to receive clock from an external device?

Also looking for MCL

Hi all! in the msl manual on page 55 there is a link to the length of recording and playback. but the maximum number of bars is not specified.
Is it the same as in the inner ram 2 bar?

People looking for an MCL - I know a guy who is building new ones. He’s based in Georgia (Europe, not USA) and currently taking orders. He’s the same guy I got a Machinedrum T-shirt made by a couple of months ago. He’s saving up for a Monomachine - let’s help him out! I’ve ordered one from him, looking forward to it.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch.