Mega Mechs: Sound Pack for Digitakt II

Mega Mechs arrives as the first Sound Pack on Digitakt II, like a towering mechanical frame bursting forth through cloud cover and impossible to ignore. It’s a wonderful broad assortment of 95 stereo samples from the magnificent User Friendly, who helped supply some of the factory content for Digitakt II. Grab a bigger slice of that goodness, with tons of colossal options to unleash: kicks, hats, snares, as well as glorious micro chains and rolls, all capable of shaking the pillars of the sky. Apply them to your composition for your very own metallic amalgamation, flawlessly fused into a shining, striding creature of purpose.

Helping put the Mega into this collection, you also get the samples in mono - enabling this pack to flourish both on Digitakt II, and on its predecessor.

Mega Mechs has stereo samples designed for Digitakt II, but also works on Octatrack, and has alternatives in mono for use on Digitakt, Analog Rytm, and Model:Samples, or any other sampler that handles WAV files.

Listen to more of Mega Mechs and purchase here.


Congratulations @UserFriendly !

Instant purchase for sure


I expected something else for the digitakt 2


Does this also come with patterns/kits? I find the factory patterns/kits are excellent starting points to create my own tracks. Because they are often so well balanced sonically, it makes mixing a lot easier.


Me too!

I really like how this shows the demos of the pack on the different hardware devices.

it’s one thing to say “hey these are wav files and you can use them on all the wav file things” but having these explicitly done as demos on those devices is WAY more fun.

big respect




Despite it being called a SOUND pack it looks like it’s just samples ( yea I’m being very pedantic about terminology used )

No sounds , kits , patterns … nothing specific digitakt 2 except ‘stereo samples ‘ … no setup of lfo’s to modulate things etc.

I’d like to be proven wrong.


You won’t be proven wrong! That’s exactly correct. Just the samples. It’s meant for any of the boxes that hold samples as well as anything else that uses wav files, that’s why there’s not any sort of kits or anything. :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying this.

I really enjoyed this album of yours you dropped lately in the “experimental MM albums” thread…

I like it when samples have a lot of texture, cause you can use filters in many ways to sculpt them like it’s raw material.
Plus they often like to be saturated/overdriven :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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same question here. I never bought one of these packs yet as it is never clear what it actually is? It is called a pack “made for Digitakt 2” but if it is just a folder with samples, then what does that mean? Are there any kits included or anything that would make it different from any other sample pack?

Yeah, I think it would be less confusing if they just call it a sample pack, bit like the point @re5et made already.

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I think it’s just a folder of samples

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I’m curious, what is the genre name of the demo used in this pack?

I can confirm after purchasing the pack, containing only samples… misleading title "Sound pack for digitakt 2” was expecting at least parsets or few kits, there’s not even a demo project or anything, this pack isn’t for Digitakt 2, this should be called “Mega Mechs sample pack”

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Please contact Elektron about this.
It sounds indeed more appropriate to call it a sample pack.

Now the description page is not the slightest misleading:


And if we’re playing on words, you shouldn’t find a mention of “Sounds” in Digitakt II manual as they’re now called “Presets”.

“Apply them to your composition for your very own metallic amalgamation, flawlessly fused into a shining, striding creature of purpose.”
What the hell is this? Lord of the Rings?? :rofl: Marketing absolutely cracks me up… Or did they just use Chat GTP for this word salad? :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: