MD vs Digitakt Live Sequencing

Torn between the 2 - im looking for a creative, intuitive sequencer to control my live set & trigger my external gear with. Digitakt’s 8 MIDI channels are enough for me so how does its sequencer compare to the Machinedrum’s? I’ll probably get the MD eventually for use as a drum machine but would there be any point in getting the Digitakt to control it?

Digitakt have Trig Conditions, an lfo ready to work. 4 notes max. Overlap (notes can last if there’s a new trig).

MD needs more time to be set up, you need to select MID machines, and the lfo requires another CTR8P machine to work, boring to set up. There are 16 assignable lfos, but not with CTR machines.
3 notes max, no overlap AFAIK.

Yes you can sequence MD with DT, I was sequencing it with OT. Caveats, sounds played by external midi have their phase reversed.


I never found MIDI sequencing to be the MD’s strongest feature. It felt quite limiting and awkward for anything melodic. It is possible but not much fun.

By comparison the DT (and DN) are the most fun I’ve had with melodic step sequencers. Trig conditions, independent pattern scaling and lengths, a proper chromatic mode…

MD is still an incredibly versatile and inspiring drum machine. Quite possibly Elektron’s masterpiece in that regard. I only ever sequenced it using the internal sequencer, which was all I needed (although trig conditions would have been cool). :slight_smile:


Also, variable step lengths and scale per track


Song mode for MD. I think you can use it to control DT patterns, controlling MD machines…:loopy:

MD MAP is interesting too : you can trigger machines and patterns with midi notes, with a gate parameter (pattern lasting as long as you hold the note).

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I don’t need song mode. If Digitakt has the more advanced sequencer I can always control and use the MD as a pure drum machine

Analog four :smile_cat:

You can use MD song mode with DT patterns playing MD machines anyway…
MD is more than a simple drum machine, it needs/deserves to be plocked, tweaked, or modulated with midi. CTR AL (Control All) machine can be tweaked via midi!

i dont need song mode, Digitakt’s pattern chaining/conditional trigs are enough for what I do & can leave the MD to use as a drum machine. I want to know if there is any reason to sequence using the MD over the Digitakt

To sequence external midi gear, not sure, but to sequence MD, MD should be better with plocks and CTR AL machines…:content:

IMO the Digitakt is good at step sequencing external monophonic equipment.

I found that it wasn’t so good for real time recording and it doesn’t record mod wheel, after touch etc from an external source. Also found velocity to be recorded unpredictably.

For polyphonic sequencing, the limit of 4 notes and the fact that all notes start and end at the same time, with the same velocity, meant I looked elsewhere for this need.