MD UW (upgraded to +) issue accessing snapshots

Hi all,

I had my MD UW MK2 upgraded to have a +Drive, by Elektron themselves.

I received the Machinedrum last week and used it over the weekend, and it’s showing some really unusual / incorrect .behaviour.

It’s all shown in this video (sorry about my dumb decision to turn my phone around part way through):

In words, what’s happening is:

  1. Go to Global Settings

  2. Select any Slot

  3. Go to File

  4. Select +Drive > Snapshot

  5. Go to “Load”

  6. Try to scroll down

  7. The entire unit freezes up when trying to select snapshot 002 to load, or move past that to load a different snapshot

I’ve emailed Elektron support, but didn’t know if anyone here had any advice?

I suggest you wipe all content and try again.
Maybe its something stored pre mod, mangled data.

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I’ve tried updating the OS, but was trying to avoid wiping all the content.

Makes sense though, will try that tonight. Thanks for the tip.

This worked! Thanks again.


Glad it helped! Great machine!