MD upgrade - Sysex Error Code 1 issuee

Hi to everybody :sunglasses:

I’m trying to upgrade for the first time my MD SPS-1.
Now my machine have 1.52C OS version and I would like to upgrading to the last version.

When I send data with C6 my MD notified an error message “Sysex Error Code 1!”


What is happened? My MD it’s connected with MIDI IN & MIDI OUT cables on my audio interface.

Thanx in advance!
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Probably sending the SysEx too fast.

If on OSX use SysEx Librarian

If via C6 change the delay.


thanx! i will try

OS upgraded with C6!

@Rusty I’m trying now to send new preset into MD but it notified another sysex error code 1. I’m increase the delay but don’t work.

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That response [ Error Code 1] could come from corrupt data; i.e. the file you are sending; or it could be an incompatible file (e.g. Kit has User Waves but you don’t have a UW model)

I don’t use C6; built my own software.

If you are on OSX; try SysEx Librarian instead?

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I’m try to send into MD this factory pack downloaded from Elektron website

I tryed Sysex Librarian but the MD notified another Error Code 1

here’s my setting on Sysex Librarian