MD red blank screen - what’s wrong?

Hi guys and girls,

I recently started my MD (MK1 UW) again and it seemed to go all well, then I left on for a while, stepped out, returned and the screen was blank red.

Seems to function still well - i mean you still hear the sound, but it shows nothing on the screen. I turned if off and after about 10 minutes rebooting it, it showed again the proper splash screen and menu, but with a small unsteady flicker.

I assume the internal battery might be the reason and needs replacement, but I am not sure about it. Do you guys/girls have any possible reasoning for the described behavior? Any ideas? Anyone with similar experiences?

I checked the forum, but there was nothing conclusive. And yes, I made a Ticket, but it‘s holiday season and I do not expect a quick answer.

If you feel confident, open the unit up and check to see if all the ribbon cables are seated properly.

The knobs can sometimes be difficult to get off (I use a teaspoon to lever them off!) and you’ll need a Torx screwdriver to take the faceplate off.


Yeah, no worries to open it up. Did it already and exchanged the encoders. Can do check, if some connection is loose. I worry more about the battery change…i remember it was soldered on :confused:

This seems the best course of action to me. My OT has had a similar problem twice and this fixed it both times.

I can’t see any reason to think that this would be a battery problem.


I got the following answer from :3lektron: support (Thanks, Patrik):

"This is likely an internal cable that needs to be re-seated or has been slightly oxidized. If you have some experience with electronics, I would suggest that you open the unit up and press down on each connector on each PCB, or even better disconnect and re-seat them. ​

For a long term fix, we suggest de-oxidizing the connectors. This is something we can do at our workshop, but it might be easier for you to find a local technician that can do it."

…then let’s open up that thing and give it a thourough touch :smile:

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