MD loses midi sync

I’ve been using the Machinedrum paired with the Octatrack (as master tempo) and I’m really satisfied with how they sound togheter.
The only issue I can’t resolve is that sometime the MD loses the sync to the OT.

The setup is like this:

OT: master tempo, I send CC out but not pattern change. In order to change the patterns on the MD I send it a midi note from the 1st pattern of each song on the OT. Didn’t setup the turbo midi

MD: external sync

Sometime when I change the pattern on the OT to change a song the MD follows as intended but slightly loses the sync and its pattern seems to play with a little ‘delay’ (for example, using the step counter on the OT and MD screens, the snare drum on the MD plays on step 2 and 4, while on the OT it plays on step 1 and 3) .
I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong when it happens and I don’t think that’s caused by the pattern setting on the OT as all the tracks share the same settings.
edit: I noticed the issue happens also when switching from classic to extended mode

I hope I’ve been able to explain me. Any help is really appreciated, that’s not a big issue and can be easily solved with a well timed stop and play but I would like to play my live sets without having to worry about this :robot:

Why not?

Sometimes I use the same pattern with different kits for more than one song and I want to be able to change pattern on the fly as I want

found the issue, one pattern had the wrong length: 61 steps instead of 64. Didn’t have any problem since I fixed it :man_facepalming: