MD in repair, now got funny reply from Elektron



So, after years and years of living with my MD without a +Drive, I decided to send my UW-MkII Machinedrum in to Elektron to have it fitted with a +Drive. I got a reply now, saying the following:

Sadly it seems like your CPU pcb have some trouble to connect to the +Drive. It’s processor related and we cant rescue your card i’m afraid. One solution is to replace the CPU as well, with the result that all your saved stuff will be gone. The other is to keep it as it is, without upgrade, as it works fine.

I don’t mind losing the saved stuff - I made a full backup right before sending the unit in (plus an extra paranoia backup for maximum safety). But what do you make of the news about the CPU? I am getting somewhat worried, and would like to hear what the good folks on the board have to say. I really don’t want the unit back and then discover that there are more errors or faults than before.

What would you do?


Would be a waste to send it all the way to Sweden without getting some action.
What’s the cost to replace the CPU?

Must say I am tempted to send mine to get the same thing done.


Good decision!

Remember the decision that you made, and follow through with your journey, even though it’s taken an unexpected but ultimately more rewarding path.


Seems weird that they’re unable to do a backup , considering they made the device and implemented sysex , presumably this can backup the device the same as any user can do , just as you have done.

Did they give you the different costs ?

And I guess the small print somewhere covers them from any responsibility if it’s damaged. , although their is no indication with your comment that they damaged it.

I’m also interested if there are known revisions that cannot be upgraded , otherwise it’s a waste of everyone’s time if gear is sent for no reason.

It really depends on cost , might be cheaper to sell and buy an upgraded one .


I’d feel bad to not get it fixed just to sell it on. That means the next user might potentiallly run into the same issue.


just get it all done. it’s there, they have it on the bench, they’re ready to supercharge it for you. you’ll be bummed about the cost for a bit, but you’ll forget quickly. and the more new parts you have in it, the greater the likelihood that it’ll last a long time with no further issues.


It’s apparently a perfectly functioning unit as it sits, just doesn’t have a +drive. Nothing for the OP to feel bad about if the OP decides to sell it.

I’d spring for the upgrade though while it’s available. The +drive in my opinion is essential to have.


Thanks a bunch guys. I said yes now. However, they told me they would replace the CPU free of charge,I only need to play for the +Drive. Don’t know if the CPU trouble was their fault then? or maybe they’re just lenient…
God I can’t wait to have my sweet MD back. Fingers crossed it will come back alright. I did read some weird stories about Elektron repairs here over the years.


What does it cost having a +drive fitted nowadays?


This seems less about fault or leniency, and more about discovery followed by generosity.

No matter how one chooses to frame the narrative, the result is the same. For me, I choose positivity over lingering doubts.


I do not understand this comment. No one can ever sell a Machinedrum!


I’m also curious what they charge for the +Drive upgrade. I kinda figured they weren’t doing it anymore.


good story! :purple_heart: elektron


Folks, I am telling you:
They did everything well, I got my MD back (weeks ago already, forgot to update y’all).
+Drive is on board now, works wonderfully.
They fixed all issues (had some encoders getting loose over the years), they cleaned up under the display (I had 3 small specks of dust between LCD and the cover). They even sent it back to me in a new, original box! I didn’t have mine anymore, but they even replaced that!!
And all for just the regular price of having it fitted with the +Drive, no fuzz no muzz.
The whole thing cost me 385€ incl. shipping.

Elektron forever


awesome :ok_hand:t3: