MD as a Brain for 303 - and Slides


After having installed the new X.04 OS for about a week or so - it really changed my relationship to the MD, being a super partner for my DN - but also for my RE 303 I haven’t used for almost two years now.

MIDI machines a really awesome - but currently I am struggling to create “quirky” and characteristic acid slides. Although I define the slides for the appropriate MIDI-track, I can’t hear any slides between two steps with different notes (also tried different note-lengths - I guess the overlap is required for creating portamento notes in the OT).

Maybe you have an idea? (I wouldn’t expect to be any bug on X.04).

Thanks for your help!


yeah, sequencing the TD3 from the MD is great.

like the TD3 the RE303 manual says:

Legato play of 2 notes causes a slide

so try using 2 (or more) MID machines both on the RE303 channel to achieve this.

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You need two tracks because per track, the note off message is always sent before the new note on.