Mayjams (Digitakt/Digitone)


More to come



Nice Track with the combo!

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Thank you! :smiley:

Nice! How is bitwig and overbridge working?

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Thank you! What you see is Ableton and Overbridge but yeah I’ve done similar stuff with Bitwig and it works. Had an issue with the tone a while back but I think its fixed and maybe it wasn’t Bitwigs fault. So I would say they both do the job. Cheers!

So, are you syncing them up through Ableton using Overbridge? I just started playing with this combo but haven’t messed with Overbridge yet. Sounds fantastic!

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Great Music!
How do you handle the delay and reverb with overbridge on each Channel?

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Hi! Thank you! :smiley:

Yes I use Overbridge to sync them, works great. Looking forward to hear what you’ll do with the digi combo! Cheers!

Hi! Thank you! :smiley:

Yeah when I do separated tracks I use DAW sends instead, delay and reverb. And when I don’t separate em I use the digis internal. There should be a way I think to only send the send effects to a track right?

In the clip it may sound like I’m messing around with the Digitakt delay, but I think that’s sample play mode of the snare that goes to loop forward mode instead. Not really sure why it sounds like a delay since I’m aware that separate tracks don’t do the delay (cause it’s a send fx) so it’s probably play mode tweaks going on - free styling the knob tweaks! :slight_smile:


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