Master outputs no bd


Hello guys,

New machinedrum owner here, its my third elektron. Guess im hooked! Currently im using individual outs, but when I tried using the master outputs with the routing set accordingly I found that the BD channel was silent.

Just trying to work out if this unit is fully functional, any help appreciated.



Is the BD pointed at [ A ] instead of Master?

Do you have a track / trig mute?

Can you replicate in a new empty Pattern and Kit ?


First thing I did when i got it was create a new kit and pattern to test it. the bassdrum is now assigned to output a and works fine, but was silent over the master outputs.

yes I have a trig, ill try and replicate the issue to make sure im not making a silly mistake


If the BD works over A; and other stuff works out of Main; could just be a setting within the [ Global ] parameters as they are universal across Kits/Patterns; maybe try a different one?


ok thanks ill try that.