Master Distortion vs Analog Drive/Heat

how does the onboard Rytm master distortion compare to the one on Analog Drive/Heat?

I haven t directly compared the 2 but there’s something particular about the AR’s that AH doesn’t have. There s a thread on it here: Let's really dig into Rytm's gorgeous distortion...what is it?

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how can you say that if you havent compared…?

Because AH doesn t have the SYMMETRY parameter. What I meant by not compared is that I haven t ran them side by side to find whether the AR circuit is similar to one of the AH circuits.

Just feature wise…

The AR master distortion does not effect any input signal (sadly) nor is there any wet/dry settings (so you can’t have a crazy overdrived signal at just 5% wet as an example).

If you’d like me to do a few tests, I can. What AH circuits would you like to hear?

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the question is more if theres a need for the Drive if ive got on board distortion. im leaning heavily towards “yes” but if youve got experience with them both id like your insight

AH is far more flexible, and it’s always a great tool to have. I personally like the AR’s MSTR DISTR, but I usually use it sparingly. I like the Overdrive a bit more personally (but wish it was a tad more robust).

AR only: 00-07 AR (no MSTR DSTR) 08-13 (MSTR DSTR appx 80%)
AR + AH: 14-41 (Drive 100% Clean, Sat, Enh circuits) 42-end (Drive appx 50% Clean, Sat, Enh circuits)

Apologies for not matching gain, but I think you get an idea. AH is far more flexible


great demo really illustrates the difference

looks like the rytms distortion is more of a glue than a full on effect and if i want crazy mangled distortion Analog Drive is the way to go

then get a Heat for a distortion threesome :slight_smile:

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Analog Drive is a little better at full on distortion than Heat , I really dig it’s clean boost setting on the Rytm as well as dirty drive and big dist. It’s all boxed down atm so no demo from me :frowning:

Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll dig it out and have a play.

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Just mono though.

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Btw, many AH/D sound examples to be found in the forum here.

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The cool thing is that you can control both with one, midi connected.

AH/AD compararison I made. They sound different anyway.
Analog Drive Price Drop


hi, i’m user since a while of rytm mk1 and like very much the master distortion of the unit. do you know if the analog heat features a identical distortion sound as the master distortion of the rytm thnks

This is priceless! Thx. the Kick sounds great as well! is that a sample?