Mapping CC's for use with Native Instruments

Hey y’all. I was fiddling with this box trying to map the shits for some use in native instruments. I was able to get some progress made and figured out what messages 71-76 are and found use. Then I found some creative jitter when one of two identical cc #s took priority. (Oops) it could be kinda neat.

Obviously, six knobs (or maybe more?) Isn’t enough. I think I need to program button assignments also?, to allow for differentiating page and allowing free cognition of Ctrl 1 and Ctrl 2. Am I correct?

Do I then use subsequent tracks to allow complete CC# mapping?

You can use use several midi tracks all on the same midi channel, assign different CCs to all of them and just use the soft synth’s midi learn function.
All NI synths do have midi learn, don‘t they?
Much easier than trying to find out the right CCs.
It gets complicated quickly, though.
Hard to memorise all the mapped parameters on such a generic interface.
With OT, I‘d focus on a few important parameters instead (maybe set up macros for the soft synths I’d want to control) and what OT does best - using midi sequencing with p-locks, trig conditions and lfos.

Actually, I used to control soft synths with my OT, it‘s great to inject movement into software environments imho.


I think i’m going to attempt a template with tracks 5-8 reserved for fx edits.
Tracks 1-4 will be for envelopes and filters for sound sculpting.

Presumably we have ten encoders across two Ctrl banks. This is in the assumption that NI can recognize Ctrl bank changes in correspondence with the knobs. Are the knobs six static encoders?!

What do you mean with ‚CTRL bank changes‘ and ‚static encoders‘?

If you want, you can use all eight midi tracks to control only one synthesizer, you just assign different parameters to CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 on each of the midi tracks and that‘s it.
Again, if you dial in the midi CCs on the OT first and then use the software‘s midi learn, you are probably much faster then using the midi implementation chart of the synth you want to control, let alone trying to figure out which CCs control which parameter by trial and error.