Making your own monomachine from an Ardiuno

Do you think this is possible parts that i can fir an wired to the ardiuno. Does the mono use granular synthesis techniques, what are the audio rates?
I’ll give it a go.

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Sure it is !



Sorry to the OP but I just spat out my beer laughing at that! :rofl:


Seriously though, the SID thing is only a subset of the monomachine and also a software emulation so… maybe have a look at successful SID-based projects if that’s what you want.


What do you mean its a software emulation: that the original chip is not in the MNM?

Yep, no sid chip in the MNM. If you want a sid chip in an elektron instrument, you want the venerable sid station.


Ok thats all for SID then. Where could i get the software from?

if you want to build your own SID synth, this is the one:

Or if you’re really brave and can find 8 SID chips, this variant:

(definitely still doable, as I built one about 18 months ago)


Also do you know if the Elektron Mono has granualar synth build it.
Also is there no chip for oscillator at all?

I dont want to, I want to build an ardiuno Mono Machine, Replication of the whole dig.

Do you know Axoloti ?
Can be used for granular stuff…


Why not buy a MM, I mean why you wanna build your own? Btw, no granular synthesis in MM.

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I don’t think monomachine is (or could be) built in arduino. Not really what arduino is good at.

I disagree.

Cheaper: And i get to see what an ardiuno is capable off along with how an MM fully works: i want to get into the dsp level of the MM cus i find it really interesting. (Uni project)

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May I ask you about your experience in software and electronics ? (so I can better adapt my answers).

Probably varing from pretty basic to very basic. I’m more of a coding for visuals in p5.js kinda guy…

Yeah no way an Arduino is gonna cut it for a monomachine also it sounds like you’ve never used one? I would say your chances of reverse engineering the C code from guesses is probably going to be fairly low.


Hey, its a long term project. I could span it over two years. I know some C and i’m learning it in my BAC.

Perhaps it might be too ambitious to go for a production level machine. I’d try and build just one module/subset of the instrument first and then go from there.