Make OT enter stop mode when slaved and master clock is stopped?

When the OT is being externally clocked and that device is stopped, the OT seems to enter ‘pause’ mode, instead of stop.

This means that to get the sequence re-synced with the master, and in turn the machines slaved to the OT downstream also aligned, I need to manually hit the STOP button on the OT.

Is there a way to fix this and have OT enter stop mode when the master clock device is stopped?


It should stop and start normally.
What does send the transport messages?
Are you sure you don’t send a pause message?

It is slaved to my DAW.

Actually, I just tested it with a different master clock (outboard), and although the OT displays the pause symbol when the master is stopped, it still starts from the beginning of the sequence on next play, so no problem.

With my DAW, it starts from the last stopped position as per ‘pause/play’. Damn.

There’s probably a solution for your DAW. Can’t help !

Thanks anyway

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