Make Noise Strega

My biggest dream : they make their own buchla easel.
Realistic dream : erbe verb 2


All this easel chat. I got a backdated payrise coming end of this month and this is sounding very intriguing. If it is something easel’y I hope it don’t have the crazy price tags!

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finally some form of excitement!

Are those touch plates? :mage:

something Easel-like would also explain why Cortini is involved.


I hope it fits together with the 0-Coast/Ctrl in a nice neat unit. I have space for that.

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Porting their FX to desktop/pedal format?


I think a lot of us have our fingers crossed.

A lot of good news today; can an announcement be the cherry please?

but they are in the places in which the old round buttons would been on things like maths, so maybe those are getting replaced with touch buttons like on

Dang if it really ends up being there take on an easel I reallly hope they end up releasing it with there take on a chromatic touch keyboard as well or maybe a fully on buchla thunder type.

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The thing that worries me about this is the lack of promotion from Make Noise themselves :thinking:

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Kinda refreshing, innit, for a company to actually wait for a product to be done before announcing it officially


That’s also a good name. I was hoping for a 0-Time :wink:

I am thinking it will be called 0-No. Like, “Oh-no, I did it again. I made some awesome sounds”.

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I’ve got 0-chance of being able to afford it that’s for true


I have a feeling it’ll be a synth with reverb/delay in a larger form factor than the 0-coast. Cortini’s words were “What I meant was that there might be something else we have been working on, to use the 0-CTRL with aside from the 0-Coast.”

Wonder if he actually does mean “as an alternative to” or just “alongside”. In the latter case I’d put my money on a mangling/FX/filter type thing. In the former case, a new synth would be very exciting.

The way it’s worded, I would guess he meant this is something else to use with the 0-CTRL. So it very well could be a synth. The video sounded like some drones, so maybe showcasing some sounds, but that could also just be showcasing a reverb/delay unit.

I don’t think hyping up preemptive releases is Tony’s style. If I remember the O-Coast and Cntrl didn’t have much pre-hype long before they were released. Maybe it’s something they wanted to roll out at NAMM.
I always wondered how much or little other companies prerelease press plays in other companies choices. We’ve seen some pretty bad, and good ones recently.
Who knows. I’m on the speculation ride.


I’m totally new to Make Noise (but I have been researching them a bunch in the last few weeks after falling in love with the 0-Coast) so I wouldn’t know anything about how the previous launches went. But I went on MN’s Instagram today and one of the highlighted stories was a series of 8 short, cryptic videos for 0-Ctrl (of which only the last one revealed the name), so I’m wondering if those were used for the pre-release hype at the time maybe?

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Yeah, they had a small 0-CTRL campaign on IG, and then dropped youtube video explaining it. That was early quarantine times back in the spring. And if I remember correctly, the 0-Coast was rolled out at NAMM, without much as far as teasers go.