Main Outs and Value knobs seem locked

I turned on OT today and it started doing something weird-- it’s not sending any audio out of the Main Outs. I’m in Studio mode and I have tracks routed to the Cue Outs, those are working fine.

Main Level is at the normal levels for those tracks, but when I tried a test out, another weird thing happened: when I try to turn the Level with Cue held, to send the Main tracks to the Cue Outs, OT would not let me adjust it. When I turn the knob, a small white dot appears above the BPM display, but it doesn’t change the value at all. None of the value knobs change the values, it’s like they’re all locked.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on?

I’m opening other Projects and other Sets, and still, the Cue Outs work fine, the Main Outs are muted. Is there some global Main Out mute that I hit?

Go to the MIDI/CONTROL menu and check that Audio CC Out and Audio Note Out are set to either “int” or “int+ext” but not “ext”…

As for main outs after getting your knobs to function check the master main volume (func+level)…


YES thank you that got me my knobs back. As for the Main levels, I’m still getting nothing, and both the Main Volume and Level are up and Volume is up in the Amp page. I’m even opening up brand new sets and new projects, new samples, and can’t get anything to play out of the Main Outs, but the Cue Outs are all perfect.

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If you weren’t in studio mode I’d say make sure the tracks aren’t muted, but in studio mode muting would also mute cues… If you didn’t say you’d tried multiple/new projects I’d say check master track volume your using one… :thinking:

Are you sure it’s not on your monitoring end, whatever your main outs are plugged into?

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They’re plugged into the same mixer as my cue outs. I’ve even swapped all the channels and cables with Cue outs to make sure that it’s not on that end. Starting to freak me out, feels like my Main Outs are dead :eyes:

I guess I’d try.
-power cycle (see if works after)
-running test mode (hold function while powering up to enter early startup mode, then press trig 1 when the menu appears) Screen should look like this if it doesn’t find errors:

-Empty Reset (trig 2 from early startup menu)

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Also make sure there’s no midi connected while trying the above…

The same happened to me last weekend, but with the cue outs. No sound coming out, no sound when monitoring the cue outs with headphones from the mixer page. Same behaviour even on a new project.

The Cue outs magically started working again after a power cycle.


I was in that page, staring at the FUNC TEST and considering EMPTY RESET, decided to try 1 more power cycle, and now it’s fine. :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:

Im planning on taking OT on the road but shit like this gives me huge qualms. Thanks for the help tho, veyr much appreciated.

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Fine that it worked.

BTW: Supposing you have saved the project you are working on you can always perform an empty reset without any negative effects. It will only clear the RAM and forces you to load the project again.