Made my 2nd track using both DIgitakt and Digitone. It's a bouncy beat with hard drums and smooth FM bass, keys and lead

I made this track while experimenting with midi configurations and patches. I tried to recreate my favorite sounds from the Digitakt on the Digitone. I also made the chord patch, which on its own doesn’t sound very good, but works well in a track (I think). I had a hard time making the bass as boomy as the sample I often use on the Digitakt, so I used a hp-filter and high resonance to boost the bass frequencies, then rolled off some of the buzzy top with the filter on the 2nd page.

Track 1 on the Digitakt mutes track 4 on the Digitone, which I use for extra drums. That way I’m effectively layering two beats into one button so I don’t have to worry about muting and unmuting both at the same time.

Also, on the Hardware Jams facebook group, this weekend’s challenge is to use filters in an interesting way. I rarely use the resonance as an audible effect. I tried slowly modulating the resonance instead of the filter cutoff like I usually do. I thought the results were interesting!

Thanks for listening!

The track is available on Bandcamp:


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