Made a new patch randomizer for max


Thanks again for sharing these informations. I totally understood the regular MD CC part, even if it’s unusual. I made a sheet, hoping it is sexier than original

Sequencing a Machinedrum from a Digitakt(demonstration)


@InductiveOne, do you use this parameter?
I guess without it, there is not init, which I’d prefer…
%000000dd | 0 = init synthesis, 1 = init synthesis + effects, 2 = init synthesis + effects + routing (optional parameter)


I’m pretty sure it defaults to the 00 value. When you switch machines it seems to always init the params for that pad (I will have to double check that later).


As “optional parameter” is mentioned, and as there is a possibility to keep settings and change machine with Function hold I still hope… :slightly_frowning_face: :


Hey it works like a charm ! Don’t tell @defenestration ! :joy:

It seems to default to the 02 value (init all)
Init nothing would be great, plocks can help.

Thanks again for help ! I planned to do this a few months ago :
Controlling MachineDrum With MIDI

Concerning CC control I can’t set 92 CCs on my OT so I think I’ll map only 26 per channel and control same parameters for all tracks sharing same channel.


Damn this is nice! Sounds like a circuit bend MD! It’s almost the box I have been dreaming of …(controllable circuitbend madness)

Is this vid made with an old MD or an UW? I can hear samples, the samples build in MD or UW samples?


An old MK1 UW. Those were a few random drum samples I loaded up.