Mackie MX1202VLZ (american 1997) vs Mackie 1202VLZ4 (new)


opportunity to buy 1997 American-made MX1202VLZ (standard not pro, 150euros) or I can opt for a new 1202VLZ4. will be used for live indus techno.
will be running Octatrack/Monomachine/Minitaur/Voice and a semi-mod analog synth (mono audio, monophonic/subtractive, square and saw wave)
no experience with either mixer one so asking hopefully for your insights!
thanks in advance and cheers)


VLZ4 has nicer buttons, 150 for and old VLZ is too much - I have a 1202 VLZ4 myself i bought used for 146 euros.


From vlz3 to vlz4 the mixers now have Mackie’s higher quality onyx preamps, improved noise rejection, lower noise floor, and sealed encoders to prevent dust and things making them scratchy… I’m not sure the upgrades from vlz2 to 3. 97 is 22 years ago and the 4’s are relatively inexpensive for the quality you get, I’d go for the new one for sure… :slight_smile:


And you’ll have warranty.


thanks already for these thoughts!
want to clarify my question comes after a conversation with an electronic musician who talked about the “enormous punch” of his 1990s Mackie ms1202…:slight_smile: unfortunately I wasn’t able to hear his music to be sure)) could prob talk the 150 price down


I guess I don’t know anything about that. 97’s when I graduated high school! Haha


same here


Maybe look into the old school one, but if you go for the 4 I’ll say it’s a high quality good sounding flexible Swiss Army mixer. You’ll find that lots of us on the board recommend it if you do a search, and there’s lots of details and discussions we’ve had about it. It’s a standard issue mixer recommendation, the price to quality/features ratio is really good… :slight_smile:


yes, have followed the discussions and see it is highly recommended


If it does the job for you then buy it :yum:


the new machine, you are sayin’?


Buy what ever makes you happy, for me its the vlz4 that makes me happy


I believe the ‘ punch’ people often refer to on the old Mackie’s is the distortion you can get when overdriving the inputs, which some find pleasing. It was a common technique in 90’s hard techno to get a buzzy doof-doof on kick drums and squelchy acid bass lines by blasting the inputs. (Not my thing, but YMMV.)

Personally, I don’t subscribe to the idea of a mixer as an effects box. I think a mixer should be as clean and noiseless as possible, with distortion and other effects introduced via other dedicated boxes.

IOW, get the VLZ4 and use an old Boss pedal (or an Elektron Analog Heat!) if you’re looking for doof-doof. :drum::drum::scream:


sure i will, just searching for thoughts from people who might already have a sound comparison between the two…:wink: unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to put them side by side!


i see very well what you mean. thanks