Machinedrum spsmk2 with + drive .. sample banks?

I have an upgraded sps 1 mk2 with plus drive versions 1.63. Is it possible to load sample banks into plus drive very unclear about this.

Yes. You can do it via the sample manager. Just go into the global menu,
than --> File-> sample manager --> rec.
Download the c6 software first, put the samples in, connect the MD via MIDI/ USB to your computer,
press send in the software, thats it. It’ll take a while, but with the +drive you can create 128 sample banks. YEAH!

UW only! Not sure if OP has that…

Well, seems like UW to me, doesn’t it? IDK, is there a +Drive w/o UW?

Thanks it’s non uw it’s a sps1 mk2 with plus drive upgrade I see snapshots but no sample manager

UW is the “User Wave” aka Sample capable model. I believe the +Drive on a non UW model will only increase Snapshot storage capabilities.


thanks for this clarification bummer!