Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

Hi, All.
I use Octatrack MKⅡ(OS 1.40B), It’s my main machine.
and I use MACHINEDRUM MKⅡ (OS 1.09).
Then I send MIDI Message from Octatrack to MACHINEDRUM.
Suddenly my MACHINEDRUM dosen’t work with my Octatrack.
It’s Bug?
or My setting is wrong?
Please tell me

You have to provide more detail than this in order for people to help you or provide feedback. “Doesn’t work” does not tell us anything.

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Thank for your advice!
I will try it
You are very kind!!
This is my first time asking to all.
And I am Japanese.
So, I stop at MD setting, below
SLOT is 1
I want CTRL is ON
But my MACHINEDRUM does not chose on
ordinary I know MACHINEDRUM MENU are ENTER,
Back to select window
But, My MD not back select window

Normally, I would move the cursor over each item and press Enter/Yes to open the menu, but it doesn’t go to the ON/OFF screen.

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Hi seems you need to configure your MD to receive the Octatrack information

On Machinedrum

Press Function + Global
Enter one of the 8 slots you have
you can check another slot # and reconfigure your setup


to get back on the window press Exit


I try it!!!

Hi, I checked every slot.But My problem is not erase.
Could you tell me another solution.

when you go into sync, turn tempo/ctrl in both to on, and you can turn off the tempo/ctrl out.
in the global menu in the control submenu, you can set the base channels that the MD uses (it uses multiple midi channels) and can also turn on program changes in to on. please refer to the MD manual on how it accepts midi (can be found in the appendix b)


Ooo,love you!!!
I try it!!!
THX soooooooo much!


Hello everyone!
I have an octatrack mkII and a machinedrum mkII connected via midi.
The octatrack is set to 13 and 14 on the base channel.
The base channel on the machinedrum side is 13-16.
Sync setting of machinedrum is as follows.
So I want to set CTRL to IN, but in my experience
When I move the cursor to CTRL and press enter, the on off screen appears. However, when I move the cursor to “on” and press enter, the screen does not change.
Where can I change that setting?
Thanks for reading.

Hi just check it i didnt have an Octatrack but is conected to another Sequencer so if you enter the control in move the cursor with the arrows to the ON position and press ENTER

edit also with the midi cables disconected the MD allos me to change CTL IN to ON and to OFF

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Hello good people, can someone please direct me to the right “invite” or the link for the Discord server…can’t seem to find it. Sorry I am old, try faxing me

What are people using to back-up and update their MD and MnM via macOS (12.3.1) without C6?

try the first post… at the very top…

Sysex librarian.
You have to lower the speed for it to work. And of course you don’t reach turbo midi speeds :-/


THX, But didn’t work…
I want use Octatrack’s Sequencer.
But thank you sooooooo much!!

@frogbox can you post a video of the process in this menu, might help understand whats going on!

if you want to sync the md to ot sequencer and use midi cc etc CTRL and TEMPO IN need to be ON. not clear why you cannot select these, unless your yes/enter is broken!?


Ohoo, thank you!!!
I try.
Little bit, I make video slowly.
Could you wait for me??

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you could link to an external site if possible.

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