Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

I will check that when I get home. It just seems odd that it would be working fine at first, and then when I turn it off and come back next day it isn’t.

do you have a song loaded that happens to have those tracks muted? I’ve experienced inexplicable situations where tracks don’t seem to play and I think it’s related to song mutes sometimes mixing with track mutes, but haven’t been able to reproduce it.

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Hey! First of all, I understand this is an old post so I’d be surprised if you responded but I’m huge fan of what was done to Machinedrum and Mega Command Live and I’m curious if there were plans to integrate Monomachine with the MCL as well?
Big thanks again for your work!

Hi all, is there a difference in the way P-Locks on CTRL-AL machines are implemented in MCL/X.09 vs. normal? I’ve been trying to recreate that famous video, but recording P-Locks on a CTRL-AL, and then muting that track don’t seem to have any effect. In practice, the machine is writing the changes into each individual track, gobbling up all the Plocks quickly.
Any thoughts? (trying to recreate that famous P-Lock video)

CTRL machines not currently supported with MCL.


Thanks for clarifying Justin!

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are there somewhere release notes for 0.9?

on the github Releases · jmamma/MCL · GitHub
i even found x.10 but also without any hints whats new

Check the changelogs

did you do it?
everyhing i found was regarding MCL

Sorry meant in this zip

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ah true… you are right. that was too obvious … i was crawling thru the github and found nothing but MCL stuff

Thank you!

I recently got a Machinedrum SPS-1 UW mk2, and it came with the firmware 1.52.

Does anyone know if it would be a good idea for me to go for the X.09, instead of the latest official firmware, even though I don’t have the MegaCommandLive? I have a really hard time finding out if/how much of the firmware/functions is dependent on the controller.

Good idea even without the mega command, the features and bug fixes are well worth it.

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Yes, even without the MCL the firmware brings you new machines.


Welcome to the forum! Whether you want to install X.09 or leave the official firmware is up to whether you would like lovely, non-MCL benefits of the X firmware, such as new machines and the pitched tuning of various machines. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the answers! I mainly wanted to make sure that I didn’t end up in a situation where I had to have the megacommand to use basic features/etc. Or if there were other problems I could run into, or if I would lose some functionality from the official by going for the X.09? Was thinking about the MPC1000 that have this restriction in space for the firmware, so some features have to take the place of other features…

I don’t get probability without the megacommand, no? :stuck_out_tongue: I miss that quite some after having had both A4 and Rytm. What are the things I don’t get to use without the megacommand? (If it’s not too much to list easily : )

It is quite likely that I will get the megacommand with time, but will have to wait some with that, still working on coming back on my feet after buying the machinedrum…

No loss of basic functions, the X firmware only adds great stuff, regardless of whether you are a user of a MCL. :slight_smile:

Sadly no… I think there would be a collective jump for joy if this were possible, but I’m guessing it’s more complex than it seems. Maybe one day.

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Ok, nice, that sounds so good! Is there are reason that I should wait with the new X.10 and go for the X.09 or X.08 etc? I can see that some other user here got recommended to not go all the way to the latest. What would be the reason for not going for the latest?

The X.10 firmware readme file tells me:

“List of changes from Machinedrum SPS-1 OS X.09 to X.10:
Internal sequencer trig events are now disabled when in Enhanced mode.”

What does that mean for me who only plans to use the internal sequencer?

Not an expert, but I do not think there are many huge changes from X.08 up until now if you aren’t using an MCL. I am still on X.08 on my MD with no problems.

No it doesn’t seem like, but was easier finding the latest X.10, but the “Internal sequencer trig events are now disabled when in Enhanced mode” makes me a bit worried. Isn’t trig events how I use the internal sequencer?

If the X.10 is disabling the internal sequencer in Extended mode, does anyone know where I could find the X.09 or X.08 version? I can’s seem to find them…

Edit: Sorry for the confusion here, it says that is disabled in Enhanced mode, not Extended… Is Enhanced mode maybe just relating to the MCL?