Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

Aha ok so the MK1 PSU is actually transformer based. I was not aware, sorry about my comment.

Barrel size: 5.5x2.5x12

Kind of expensive but:

This seems to fit the bill as well

I have some Mascot PSU’s in the studio, they are good and are linear.
However it’s not with a UK plug

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I am going to comment in the other thread as this is getting too power-supply-y. Thanks guys!

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I also just did this, M1 Mac running the latest OS, sysex via the Transfer app. Worked flawlessly. Thanks so much for this OS upgrade, been away from MD for years and can’t believe someone has been doing this work.

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Any chance of a soft clipper to be added to the NFX machines?
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I am running the latest OS (X.08) and experiencing weird behavior on my MD. It’s sending midi out to an external synthesizer. Somehow, only when I am editing the pattern on track A05, turning the DIST parameter will influence program change on the external device (it will change the bank, so from 100 to 200. 300 etc). It would never occur on any other pattern or parameter.

Are you aware of a possible bug of this kind…? Maybe I am doing something wrong?


Bought this one from Plasma one month ago, as my unofficial chinese PSU was a bit unstable, and did not fit the full ampere requirement, causing some troubles when loading certain type of machines.
Hefty price, between VAT and custom fees, but serious package and really kind communication with the seller/manufacturer. And, oh yes, it works like a charm!
Those mascot PSU seem to be discontinued, unfortunately…


Track 05 DIST parameter will send MIDI CC 32 on channel BASE Channel +1

Maybe the synth has a CC bank change function on 32?


Thanks for replying :slight_smile: it must be like you say…although on the DSI OB-6 manual (the external synth I mentioned) it doesn’t say that bank change is received via CC32. I didn’t even think you could parameter-control bank change on the OB-6,at least according to the manual. Anyway I can change channel span then and the issue should be solved.

Me too! Hopefully the most expensive power supply I ever buy but an investment for this beautiful machine.

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MIDI CC 32 is commonly used for bank change LSB - often in conjunction with CC00, but not always.
Nice detective work.


This has been asked many times, and each time users are led to this thread, where the answer is not immediately apparent (to me at least).

So I will ask - is there a manual for the MDX firmwares? I see cool things happening on YT videos and I read about cool MDX firmware features on here (this thread and the 'Loving Documentation thread) and the Discord, but I’d like a manual to study them while I’m away from the MD as well as an actual document to ensure I haven’t missed anything, rather than this loving document. :slight_smile:

Edit: While I am yet to find a manual, there is a detailed changelog provided with x.08 which contains all information relating to each version.

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Potentially stupid question but can you control the notes of tonal machines via MIDI?

I know I can program a melody via p locking the pitch per step but is there a way to do it from an actual keyboard?

Does this custom firmware work on a Machinedrum SPS-1 mk1 model?

Or is there an alternate CFW that works on it? I really couldn’t find any answers to this question online or in the included readme file.

Yes, works will all versions of the MD

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only with some midi translation software, note to CC PTCH.

or with MCL.

If that’s true, that’s amazing! I may be getting an MD soon, so this sounds really cool.

I’ve had such a nightmare trying (and failing) to update my MD Mk1. Gotta laugh, otherwise I’ll cry. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I’m on x.06 so am not missing much, but oh boy, have I spent a lot of time trying to update. Have used loads of MIDI cables, SysEx Librarian and Transfer, to no avail. The progress lights don’t come on and after however long it takes (between 30-60 mins depending on settings) the update fails.

I am using a Focusrite Clarett 8pre to send the file. Someone suggested I try using the DT to send the file, not sure if this would help or how this even works, but at this point I’m willing to try anything.

last resort tip, turn off your laptops wifi, close all apps and processes so it’s just the transfer running.

but the fact the progress lights don’/t come on might mean a problem with the software/focusrite setup?

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Thank you. :slight_smile: I was thinking it may be a hardware issue, but every standard MIDI function works fine via the Clarett (notes/clock etc) just not the firmware update!

same setup as when you upgraded to X.06?

can you back up sysex?