Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]

As I’m still trying to get a sense of what this crazy update lets me do with just my MD, I am getting curious of what getting an MC would be able to achieve on top of this.
I have a guy here where I live (korea) who can build one for me, but even DIY can get a bit costly (around $350) so I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it or not.
What exactly would MC give me when paired with MD and X.05 firmware??

You might want to check out this thread and the User Documentation which is linked in the first post.

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Thanks for this great new os!

However, it seems the last version (x.05C) causes a problematic bug on my MDUWmk2.
I don’t see anybody posting bugs, so maybe its just my machine… Didn’t have that problem with the X.04 version though.

Bug description:

  • no problem installing and playing the X.05C os for about an hour. (I’m using the MD on its own, no MCL)
  • But after turning it on the 3rd time or so, the bug appears and doesn’t go, even after turning it off/on again. However, after a Factory Reset it goes back to normal… Until it reappears after a couple of uses.
  • The bug: Almost all tracks don’t trigger sounds. All tracks are well recorded, everything seems normal on the sequencer, but only a few tracks produce sound and light up the leds accordingly on the 16 leds above the wheel. The first time i only had the track 1, 7 and 8 working. The second time, only the kick (tr 1). And this is for all patterns, including the factory ones.

So it’s a bit strange, i’m not sure it’s X.05 related. Still i didn’t had that with X.04. I didn’t use any of these versions extensively, the bug appeared rapidly with the X.05.

If i’m not posting in the right place, please tell me.

Many thanks!

Could it be some weird midi bug that would mute some of your tracks?

I had weird midi behaviors that I got rid off by powering the MCL with a power adapter rather than the computer.

Oh man, you’re right. The tracks are just muted oO

… can’t believe im puzzled by this for 2 days, How lame…

So, it’s not totally impossible that mute status were altered at startup, but it’s probably just me being dumb :smiley:

btw, does the MD retains mute status when turned off/on ?


Hi, if I haven’t upgraded my regular Elektron MD software yet to this. Can I directly upgrade it to X.05 without installing the previous versions of the X software? Thanks.


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Thanks! Looking forward to updating.

Found a bug, it’s an oddly specific one:
OS: X.05B
TL;DR: Double-pressing STOP wrongly resets the mute state for track 6 (“CP”)

Choose a pattern that has a kit with synthesis machines, especially in track 6 (so that you can hear the issue). Make sure there are a few triggers present in T06


  1. With all tracks unmuted, press PLAY; you hear the pattern
  2. Press FUNC + MUTE and mute track 6 (you can close the mute screen or keep it on)
  3. Double press STOP
  4. Press PLAY: even though T06 is muted, you can hear its sound. If you still have the mute screen on, T06 appears muted on the UI (but not in terms of audio). The expected behaviour would be to have T06 silent.

Alternatively (using the same setup):

  1. Mute all tracks
  2. Press PLAY; you hear nothing out of MD
  3. Double press STOP
  4. Press PLAY again; you expected to hear silence again, but instead you hear sound from T06.

Hoping this helps

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I don’t know if it’s related to the recent update, but i noticed that i can’t modify the swing to one track only. Even if i select the track on the swing screen, increasing the swing seems to affect all playing tracks. Has someone encountered the same issue ?

Hmm, I take it from your wording that you mean the swing percentage, is that right? if so, that was always common across all tracks.

In other words, you can’t have e.g., 60% in one track, and 50% in another.

On the other hand, the swing trigger pattern is different for each track.


Thanks for your answer, bur i already know that the swing percentage stays the same for all tracks (i read the manual).
I just can’t influence only one track even if i select it on the swing screen.
For instance, if i want to add swing to the hit-hat, and keep the kick stable, it doesn’t work anymore.

did you remove the swing trigs from the kick track?

Of course if i remove the swing pattern from the kick, this track won’t be influenced by the percentage amount. But referering to the swing section of the manual, this is not related to this issue.

It’s a bit odd and maybe there’s something i didn’t understand in the instructions, but it seems that if i’m assigning the swing to an individual track, all the other ones are individually influenced as if the All option was selected on the swing screen.
Is it supposed to work like that and should i remove the default swing pattern from each track to avoid that ?

bit confused here, also it’s been a while since i used standalone MD.

selecting swing give a choice between all and individual track, so if you select individual tracks remove all that tracks swing triggers if you desire no swing to affect that track.

I think i will indeed have to manage the problem with this trick. ^^
Nonetheless thanks for your help.

no problem, no tricks involved. this is how individual track swing control manifests on the MD.

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Ok. My bad. I realize now that the individual assignation is related to the pattern trigs (wich is defined in the manual as “swing settings for individual tracks” and was a bit puzzling for me). :slight_smile:

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SPS1 MKII user here. I don’t have an MC and never used one yet. I tend to live jam with the MD using it as the master in a 4 way midi chain. I never really had the time to get into the depth of it’s possibilities, aside from trying to learn from Max Marco and the MD tips and tricks…
Anyway I just figured that I can’t use C6 to do the update because of Big Sur incompatibility. What are the other options? Shall I just try to use an old windows laptop from work maybe? I’m not that keen on taking my studio gear to the workplace I must say…
Also, reading this thread, there seems to be a lot of bugs in this update. I can’t say I am one of those people who have come to find the MD limited or frustrating yet… so maybe this update isn’t necessary for my level? What’s the consensus? Is it really going to make a big difference, or is it just going to create frustration when using a previously perfectly operating machine?