Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.10 Released [ Unofficial ]


I understand that I could save/load samples from the MD to MegaCommand and back, does this effectively make sort of a +Drive for my MD UW MKII?

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How can i enter the microtiming? Is there some kind of inoffical documentation besides the forum xD?

microtiming is available with the megacommand only, not on the X.05 release.

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Hey @JustinValer @v-yadli as you’ve got some more insight on the MD’s dsp processing, I was wondering whether it’d be possible to post some specifics about the MD compressor’s parameters; things like what the attack range corresponds to in milliseconds etc. Basically intel that ought to be in the manual.

Are you speaking of the master-fx comp of the MD or the one(s) newly added with X.05?

For the newly added NFX-machines there is some info here:

I meant the Master FX comp yep. Will have a look at that topic at some point as well, thanks :slight_smile:

I need some help testing the keymap pattern change issue.

If you’re familiar with the problem, send me a private message or jump on the discord. I’ll send you a new firmware to test.

The midi clock of the MD is not really sync with midi clock of other Elektron gears. I have to micro timing the A4 at + 1/48 to get a kick drum sync with the MD

The Micro timing of A4 at 7/384 will be more accurate actually

My apology, the latency doesn’t come from the MD but from my FX processing…^^It’s all good now


My Machinedrum has started doing a first-time boot every time I turn it on now. Says “Initiating” “Unpacking Factory Data” “Loading Samples”. Lost a bit of work.

I wonder if it’s the battery but I replaced it just a couple years ago.

May try downgrading.

Wonderful work here, as before. I’m still on X.04 but I will try this out soon. I tried searching but maybe someone can confirm/deny: is there a user guide for this available somewhere, beyond what’s in the changelog? I’d be happy to help contribute to one with some practical examples.

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share some here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out - looks useful already at first glance!

With X.05 is there any way to MIDI record and playback FUNC+knob movements to a DAW (like, live controlling all parameters)?

My use case is that I am trying to multitrack my machinedrum solo live set to make an EP. I’d like to be able to record all my knob movements from one “live” take, then re-play the knob movements over MIDI while recording single tracks.

I’m thinking this isn’t possible and since FUNC+knob emits no MIDI, I will have to record the knob movements on just one channel and then copy/paste the CC track to the other channels as I record each of them.

does an actual ctrl all machine respond to midi? (rather than func + knob)
I guess it eats a track though.

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That might work! I recorded the individual midi parts for the track I’m working on now but I may have to try that for the next track. Thanks!

If you enable Enhanced MIDI via SYSEX all params will be transmitted when performing func + param (forgot to document this).

See the readme file for: 0x3E Enhanced MIDI Enable:


Just about to update from the last official OS - do I need to go via x.04? And is there any risk at all of bricking the unit?

Thanks to all involved in this brilliant work!