Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.05: the living documentation

i’m super jaleous of machinedrum owners
incredible work


Envelope: linear or exponential? Thanks.

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Edit: thanks for the reminder, updated the doc.


Damn. NFX look so cool. Now we need a way to insert them in the middle of a kit, shifting the rest of the voices towards right !


Dope dope dope !

woke up and realised this was pretty rough way of doing it.
This method should be titled “multiband compression with accumulative distortion” :wink:
3 separate identical sources with 3 separate NFX-COs would be a far cleaner method (or changing NBAL to far neighbour input on track 15 so it’s using same source as 14) so they don’t use the page 1 settings from each previous NFX-CO. :+1:

you could have 8 INP-CAs and 8 INP-CBs for 16 tracks of LR stereo processing.
X.05 has evolved the MD into a mastering workstation!


What determines the far neighbor? The near neighbor is always the previous track if I understand correctly but what about the far neighbor? On my neighbor track for track 2 it is 16 and for a neighbor track on track 10 it is 8??

So it seems that the far neighbour is 2 tracks before the current track and that this wraps around from 1 back to 16, so that the far neighbour for track 1 would be track 15.
(Just guessing; you should check for yourself.)


If I have a Kick on Track 1 and put an NFX Comp on Track 2, I should be able to compress the Kick on Track 1? That’s what I did but nothing is happening. Do I have to enable something else or have I missed something?


have you trigged the NFX-CO? just needs one to enable it


Awesome. Following. Who doesn’t love reading manuals and technical documentation?


So obvious, thank you!

What is the “far neighbor” ? With nxf ev on track 2 I only hear sound from track 1, not from track 3, is this normal ?

The NFX relate to the previous neighbours. Not the neighbours on either side.


Ok thank you but so what does that mean :
Each MDX NFX machine can grab inputs from TWO neighbor tracks instead of one.
The NBAL knob controls the balance

Neighbour 1 (far) - Neighbour 2 (near) -. NFX

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I don’t understand sorry.
I have a nfx track which is a neighbor track as in the octatrack.
It grab the audio of the previous track

Track 1 : SN machine
Track 2: NFX receive the audio of track 1

What is the far and near ? Why using far and near word when we talk about the previous machine.
What are the two inputs

the two inputs are the previous 2 tracks to where the NFX is placed.
So move your NFX to track 3, then track 1 becomes far neighbour, track 2 becomes near etc.


Try this.

Track 01 = Far neighbour
Track 02 = Near neighbour
Track 03= NFX-EV Neighbour machine

Note that the Neighbours are the two previous machines; thus; and “wrap” around, thus:


Edit: Updated. Thanks @Tchu


Oh my god :joy:
Ok this is amazing.
It is so convenient to use thanks gods you are amazing !

I was a fan of deep routing and ressampling in my MD, maybe I wont have the plug and unplug headache anymore.
So cool, This is immense.

The tonal mode is still quarter tones in comb mode ?

Omg the sound are so psychedelic.
It’s funny I only took my MD for my holidays
I knew it guys…