Machinedrum SPS1-UW X.04 Released [ Unofficial ]

Are the new machines tunable as oscillators (semitones) ? Thank you

More than that. A lot of machines are gaining a new “tonal” mode that implements a precise half semitone (quarter tone) mapping.


Let me post the change log here:

List of changes from Machinedrum SPS-1 OS X.03 to X.04


** Three new GND machines are now available. **
GND-SN-PRO is a compatible model for GND-SN, featuring up to 4 sine OSCs.
GND-SW is a sawtooth/triangle machine with up to 3 variable waveform OSCs.
GND-PU is a pulse wave machine with adjustable duty ratio and up to 3 OSCs.
All new GND machines have relative pitches for additional OSCs, and UNISON

** The following machines gain a new tuning setting: **
The "EDIT KIT" menu is updated to incorporate the tuning setting per-track. In
addition to SYNTH, MACHINE and RELATE, one can use [LEFT]/[RIGHT] keys to
access the tonality setting in the right upper corner of the menu, and toggle
between "DEFAULT" and "TONAL" with [UP]/[DOWN] keys.

"TONAL" tuning implements a quater-tone equal tempered tuning scale across the PTCH
parameter of selected machines. When enabled, TONAL has the added benefit of
increasing the machine's maximum tuning range.

** Machinedrum Kit version increased to 64.1 **
Kit dumps from X.04 firmware will be tagged with version 64 revision 1.
Machinedrums running an older firmware will not support these dumps indicated by
a "SYSEX ERROR 4" message.

Changes from Kit Version 4.1 to 64.1:

When set, bit 17 of uint32_t model indicates the model tuning is tonal.

** TRX-S2 decay and noise parameters sensitivity has been improved" **

** New LFO shapes are available: SINE, REV-LINEAR, REV-EXP, NOTCH and STEP. **

** Trigger groups can be arbitrarily chained. **
For example, you can set track 1 to trigger track 2 and track 2 to trigger
track 3, and thus track 1 will trigger all three tracks.

** Triggers can now be previewed in step editing mode. **
Hold a P-locked trigger and press [ENTER] will preview the P-locked sound.

** Solo Mode **
From the mute menu, you can now toggle between MUTE/SOLO mode with [ENTER].
The toggle also functions as a mute inversion tool, so that you can switch
between two playback states.

** Mute/solo actions are now transmitted via MIDI. **

** Trig Interface (TI) Extended Response: **

The TI has been extended to respond to press and release of some command keys.

  MIDI Byte | Purpose
SYSEX)      | Realtime Universal System Exclusive Header
        $0D | Status for parameter %aaaaaa (see list below)
  %0aaaaaaa | if (aaaaaaa >= 64) Button Press
            | else { Button Release }
            | aaaaaaa = [ 0x00 .. 0x0F ] = Trigs 0 to 16
            |         = 0x25 = FUNCTION
            |         = 0x26 = FUNCTION + LEFT
            |         = 0x27 = FUNCTION + RIGHT
            |         = 0x28 = YES
            |         = 0x29 = NO
            |         = 0x2a = SCALE
            |         = 0x30 = UP
            |         = 0x31 = DOWN
        $f7 |

** Status request 0x5b (Assign Machine Bulk): has been updated to support machine tuning **

SYSEX status request:

  MIDI Byte | Purpose
(SYSEX init)|
        $70 | Status for parameter %aaaaaa (see list below)
  %00aaaaaa |
  %0bbbbbbb | <Extended paramater>
        ... | <additional data>
        $f7 |

<Extended functionality>

0x5b Assign Machine Bulk:

  %0000bbbb | Select track bbbbb
  %0bbbbbbb | Assign machine Model
  %000000dc | c = 0 = SPS-1, c = 1 = SPS-1UW
            | d = 1 = TONAL, d = 0 = DEFAULT

  As previously described.

Bug fixes

Sound triggered by external MIDI is no longer phase-inverted.
Status request 0x5b would ignore ROM-48, and not support short messages in some circumstances.

WOW! Fantastic work!!!

Looking forward for your M4L update!
This update adds support for a lot more buttons in TI mode, which means that… It’s now possible to take over and let MD control a lot more things!
Something like Nektar Panorama but with full TI support…

I should probably start investigate Reason/Bitwig integration too.


Huge work here!

Is the LFO phase start retrig issue resolved in this release ?

From the original Manual:

UPDTE is set to “TRIG” the LFO is re-started each time the track is triggered. “HOLD” is a
sample and hold function, which freezes the value of the waveform at the time when the
track is triggered. It will remain frozen until trigged again. Note that LFO’s are only ever
restarted by trigging the corresponding track

? … but when you start the MD pattern the LFO is out of phase sync, it not always restart with the correct phase.

really enjoyed playing with the new machines and LFO’s - so so happy big huge thanks

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? … but when you start the MD pattern the LFO is out of phase sync, it not always restart with the correct phase.

You mean, you want HOLD to reset phase on pattern play (with or without triggering that track)?

So cool !
I was using a midi translator to turn notes to.CC’s but my computer died recently…
Can I use this new chromatic mode via an external sequenceur ??

'Didn’t saw the other updates, LFOs and trig preview… Superb…

Yeah sure. You may need to do something similar to map notes to CC values but it’s simpler. Every 24 value steps is an octave and every two steps is a semitone.

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A workaround I can think of is to switch to another pattern with a different kit and LFO settings – it’s definitely going to be reset that way :slight_smile:

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It’s so much simpler :cocktail:
Wow ! :birthday:

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Whit the HOLD update, while you triggering an track step, it not restart with the correct phase when you play an pattern, if you try start and stop the pattern it restart with random phase.

SICK! :unicorn:

Understood. HOLD never resets unless the LFO setting has changed. I’ll have to think about this because some would say this is a feature not a bug :slight_smile:


I have tried that but it is not so intuitive.
We need a way to restart the phase of the LFO somehow.

If only you could use the P-Lock for the UPDATE parameter of the LFO setting, you could set one step with TRIG and the others to HOLD, but until now the parameters of the LFO settings do not have P-Lock and are not accessible as a parameter nowhere.

Yep that’s it. Drop me a PM if you like to discuss how this feature would become.


wow wow wow !

Just tried it … it opens new horizons of weird sound design possibilitites with thoses tonal unison waveforms ! Never heard those sounds coming out of the MD !
Solo / Mute is perfectly implemented ! So cool to switch from one state to the other. Great performance tool !
Trig preview … super useful, very well implemented

Bravo !
You guys are heores. Thanks for dedicating so much time for that 20 years old machine ! It’s rejuvenated !


Ah, the ol’ Skyrim approach.

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Even if you could do that the LFO would not stay at a held value for the first trig… it would really be great to control that somehow as you can on the Monomachine (resetting LFO freely via trigless trigs).