Machinedrum motheboard


I already have a co worker with an engineering degree testing the components. But since he doesn’t work with synthesizer he doesn’t know what does what, he can only check the path the current takes and where the current dies. Which should be enough to spot the problem. I’m guessing it’s no analogue circuitry involved in the md only dsp.


I’ll tell my co worker to try that. Thanks for the tip.


yeah, unplug all the connector cables and plug them back in. also get some contact cleaner and spray it on there and unplug and replug it a few times. let it set 24 hours after using the deoxit/contact cleaner before turning it on just to be safe since it doesnt sound like you work with elektronics. this brings many an old elektron back to life.


I’d also check the display.


My co worker managed to get it to work again. (YAY!)
apparently he found brown oxide of one of the rails on the mother board (see picture)
he cleaned it up and it booted without a problem.
so @companyofquail was right!

Thanks for the encouraging words and tips.



A guy with a non working MD saw that tip after 7 years : back to life! :content:


and now much fun with wobbly encoders after you put the MD together :wink:


Or replace the encoders since you already have it opened up. :slight_smile: