Machinedrum motheboard


I have a Machinedrum mki which has stopped working. My colleague (who happens to be an electrical engineer) has checked it out and says that it is down to two faults.
Bad resistor at some level of the board or the motherboard.

This leaves me with the question… is it possible to purchase a Machinedrum motherboard nowadays?


Replace the resistor, they are rather cheap!



Sorry i think i phrased it rather poorly.

I meant that either it’s one of the resistors or it’s tge motherboard it self. And if it would be so unfortunate that it is the motherboard. Is it then even possible to buy a new one in this day and age?


er, best find out if its the resistor (simple to measure) or something else.

You need some proper debug.

Does it boot? Are the voltages correct etc…



You should create a support ticket on Elektron’s website to ask for their help.


A resistor is really simple to mesure…only, before its soldered in a circuit with other component. Once its part of an electronic system , you could nt check the resistor accurately…


I have.

While waiting and being impatient I thought I’d ask the great Elektronauts.


I’m an electronic (RF) engineer BTW…

I design, build and fix things, a lot and have for 40+ years…

I have lots of resistors and know how to measure them…



I’m afraid not many people fix things these days. I don’t know anyone younger than me (I’m 55 BTW) who has any interest in general electronics. This forum will not be the best place to ask to get things fixed.

You’ll need a schematic and a load of kit, meter, 'scope etc.

You’ll need to know how the circuit functions and what the components are for.

You may have someone in your area who has the skills.

The fact someone has said, ‘Its a resistor’ seems a bit ‘unknowledgeable’ at best.

Could you provide a high res image of PCB with and indication of ‘Faulty resistor’?




I bought a UI board off them last year (maybe a year and a half ago). I think they have more boards.

Make a ticket, if they have em theyll quote you a price :wink:

I think theyll be able to help you out :+1:t5: :crossed_fingers:t5:


I have my co worker who is an electrical engineer in the automotive industry check it out.
He first checked the psu, which was fine, checked the battery, which was finE. He tinkered some and managed to get the screen to light up but the firmware did not boot.

He mentioned something about a resistor and I probably misinterpreted that since I know jack about electronics (mechanical engineer here).

I trust his judgement cause I know he has done good work. In this case I don’t see how knowledge about synthesizers would help him, since he’s trying to get the damn thing to boot up, not look into anything else.


Ok that seems promising. I’ve made a ticket so now it’s just a waiting game.

Out of curiosity, How much did you have to fork out?


That makes a bit more sense as it will have nothing to do with any ‘resistor’ unless it’s either completely missing or burned out. Resistors don’t go bad, ever, however semiconductors do, capacitors too in some cases. Without actually seeing the PCB I can’t advise any further. Your man seems knowledgeable enough.

Good Luck Bud.



Thank you, I could post a picture, but I’ll have to ask my coworker to snap it.


very odd…i cant go back very far in my emails history…and i can access my old tickets.

BUT i want to say the UI board cost me…i think it was $200-$230usd.
a small price to pay for a LARGE machine.

did you check the battery? perhaps it’s dead?


So, I just got word from Elektron. Apparently it is not possible buying MD MK1 motherboard.

So most probable I just have a hunk of junk.

Anyone got any ideas? Cause I feel fucking bummed out…


Get someone with skills to test your board components.


Yeah man that sucks but there are very skilled technicians out there that should be able to fix you up. Put out some feelers…


I unplugged and re-plugged the power supply board (both connectors to logic and output board and tried again and it powered up normally!
a very ‘convenient’ restart


Sorry man. Maybe find one for parts?