Machinedrum mkI : s/h price query


Hello guys,
I found a second hand Machinedrum mkI for sale for 300€
do you think it’s a fair price? I’m mostly concerned by the fewer features than the mkII (found one for 600€) but the low price is tempting :thinking:


if it’s got UW, yes, if it hasn’t got UW, yes


That is an absolute steal


I think for that price you should go for it, complete bargain!

mk2 adds 64 rather than 32 step patterns, only you know if this is a big issue or not, but with pattern chaining you can more or less recreate this on mk1 (the Machinedrum uses kits so your sound tweaks carry across pattern changes, unlike the DT/DN). Also UW is a good point, personally I don’t really use this any more now that I have the OT and DT… it’s a cool feature and resampling is fun but the MD is wonderful just as a pure drum machine without that!


I’m waiting in line as other interested guys contacted the seller before me, I’m lucky I live close to him and I’m up driving there to get it, thing that he prefers rather than shipping.
The MD also seems to be in good conditions, it has minor bruises but for that prince I’m still going to get it, fingers crossed
Thanks everyone for the suggestions


prepare for at least a skipping encoder or wobbly worn out knobs!


took the Md home with me, it does have a worn out knob but that’s not a big deal.
thanks again everyone for your input, can’t wait to try my new machine tomorrow :peace_symbol:


do it today