Machinedrum Mk2 UW no sound from outputs


Hi folks,

Right on cue for the autechre syx arrival I have had an issue where the MD fails to output any sound at all, but appears to be fully operational otherwise. I tried a factory reset no difference, however, after two days it has now decided to output sound again, which is great, but a worry for the future. I have had this happen once before, but it righted itself after a much shorter time. Anyone hazard a guess what might be the issue here or had any similar issues? I don’t think it’s that double pattern press bug that I have seen mentioned. I love the Machinedrum and it has been rock solid for me up until now.


I got vexed because my MD wasn’t putting out any sound. Then I put my face into my palm as I had all the machines MUTED!!!

Another problem I had was when I routed a sound out from a different output and forgot.

I hope it is something simple like the things above.

Good luck!